How To Make The Rooms In Your Home Feel Bigger

If you're often find yourself thinking that your home feels cluttered and wishing that the rooms were slightly bigger than they are, there are a few ways you can actually achieve making the rooms feel and look bigger and more spacious without actually having to think about moving house. Today I am going to share five of my favourite tips for making the most of the rooms and making them feel more spacious and ultimately bigger. 

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1. Opt for light paint on the walls
Over the years I've discovered that one of the quickest and most easiest ways to make a room feel larger is by choosing a white or off white wall paint which instantly makes the room feel more light, bright and open. Choosing colours for the wall can often make the walls feel like they're coming in on themselves. If you do want to add colour, perhaps think about just doing a feature wall with colour on. Over the last couple of years we've been adding feature walls to our rooms and we think it adds character and love it, but we've stuck to just one wall for colour as to keep the overall feel of the room light and bright. 

2. Chose the correct window coverings
Choosing the correct window coverings to suit the windows in your home is more important than you might think. One way to make rooms look bigger is to add a decorative window covering, like premium wooden shutters. They're custom-made to fit the exact window shape, meaning they seamlessly fit within the window frame. The Shutter Store UK offer made-to-measure shutters for each customer, with a range of styles, colours and materials. Not only will they add style to any room, but they add home security, privacy and noise reduction abilities. If you've got bay windows, take a look at their great bay window shutters range. 

3. Add a mirror 
Mirrors are a great way to help bounce natural light around a room whilst also giving the room the effect of feeling bigger than it is. A mirror is always a great decorative feature for an otherwise plain and blank wall also. You could also use mirrored wardrobes in bedrooms for the same effect of bouncing natural light around the roomMirrors are most commonly found on fitted wardrobes with sliding doors, which offer a range of other benefits, including saving valuable floor-space

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4. Make use of the height of the room and space on the walls
Remember to make best use of the walls and the height in your rooms. One of my favourite ways to do this is by using pictures ledges which are thin shelves that don't poke out too much off of the wall. They're great for holding trinkets, displaying frames like the ones we have above our bed and also for displaying the kids' books forward-facing.

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5. Declutter! 
It's an obvious one, but also really important. It can be overwhelming when you don't know where to start with it all, so break it down in to sections, maybe just a drawer at a time if that works for you and maybe a bit per day or a an afternoon every week. Remember it may get worse before it gets better in terms of mess, but the end result is always so worth it and very satisfying! 

When decluttering, ask yourself - have I used this in the last year? Do I really see myself using this in the next few months? If not, either sell it on, donate to charity, or recycle it! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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