Our Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022 has left me with very full heart! It's been SO lovely to spend time with family and create some festive memories over the last few days and the boys are at SUCH a lovely age, being 9 and 7 - they have fully embraced the Christmas magic and have really enjoyed joining in with everything. I could really feel their excitement during the build up to Christmas and over the last few days! Being a parent at Christmas is the best and totally makes Christmas as magical as it is! 

We spent Christmas Day with family and it was extra special as it was the boys' new cousin's first Christmas! Harper is just 2 months old and she looked absolutely adorable in her little Christmas outfit! We got her a Jelly Cat Rabbit teddy just like Logan's and personalised it with her name on the rabbit's ear. Logan loved showing it to her!

On Boxing Day we had a quiet, chilled afternoon at home, after visiting my side of the family on the way home. I think that it's always nice to have a bit of time at home over Christmas, for a bit of down time and for the boys to be able to play with all of their new presents and have us completely to themselves. 

Of course, present-wise, there was lots of Lego! And for Ethan this year, lots of Star Wars presents, including a Darth Vader helmet that had been the number one request on his list and his own Darth Vader lightsaber. Logan still loves Super Mario Lego and so he got lots of that as well as Minecraft related things! 

Adam and I didn't go full-out on presents for each other this year as we are planning to get our internal doors in the house changed in January (that's what becomes exciting as you get older haha!) and so we're spending quite a lot of money on that. Plus we have trips and holidays booked and I got us tickets to watch an orchestra perform songs from Lord of the Rings and other movies next year and I put that under the tree to both of us. 

Honestly though, for me Christmas is about the magic and the time together and this Christmas has really filled up my cup! It's been SO lovely and I feel very grateful to have my amazing Husband, two boys, wonderful loved ones and to have had a happy and healthy year together! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too! 

Christmas 2022
home alone Christmas 2022

Thank you for reading. 
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