Our Weekend at MCM Birmingham (as traders)

mcm Birmingham, demomhunter bricks

If you've followed my blog for a while, you may have heard me mention that Adam makes and sells
custom Lego lightsabers, blasters, weapons and minifigures
from shows like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Breaking Bad and many more. He's been doing it for 9 years now and in the last few years he's been taking his creations to events such as Brick Festivals and Comic Con's across the UK. Earlier this year I went to my first Comic Con with him in Wales and I absolutely LOVED it. 

mcm Birmingham, demomhunter bricks

Whilst in Wales, I had the opportunity to meet James Masters who played Spike in my favourite TV show as a kid - Buffy The Vampire Slayer and meeting him really wowed me! I realised in Wales how fun Comic Con's were and what a great vibe they have tthem with everyone being so friendly and accepting of everyone. 
meeting James masters, spike from Buffy

Adam's done MCM London and Birmingham events before and had told me how big they are, and how busy they get! I definitely experienced that at MCM Birmingham  - it was on a much bigger scale! I joined Adam on the Friday evening after taking the train to Birmingham. He travelled to Birmingham and manned his stall on the Friday on his own so that I could take and collect the boys from school at home. And then Adam's parents kindly offered to have the boys Friday evening until Sunday evening and dropped me at the station after school on Friday. The train went directly to the NEC where MCM was, which was very handy! When my train got in, I met Adam who'd just finished for the day and we went for dinner together. 

The next morning we were feeling excited. Saturday's are always the busiest days at Comic Con's and the day certainly didn't disappoint! We saw so many amazing cosplay costumes (a lot of people come to Comic Con's dressed as their favourite characters from movies, TV, anime, games etc and they put a LOT of effort into their costumes!), we also spoke to hundreds and hundreds of people. At times the stand was hard to see from the aisle as people were crowded round, which of course, was amazing! 

mcm Birmingham, demomhunter bricks

The Sunday was much the same, it got so busy in fact that at one point I'd gone to get us some lunch and lost where the stall was on the way back! There was so much happening over the whole weekend, with celebrity guest signings and photos, a live band, celebrity talks, cosplay competitions, people performing and hundreds of stalls to look around! We didn't get too much time to look around as we were so busy on the stand, but when we did, it was great to see everything that was going on. 

As traders, MCM Comic Con is definitely a big one for us and has been especially so this year! We are signed up to do MCM again next year and can't wait! You can follow our business Instagram page here

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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