5 Underrated Bridges in Europe to See with Your Own Eyes

People travel to Europe for all kinds of reasons - rich historical and cultural background, monumental sites, a wide variety of cuisines, and, of course, beautiful landscapes. There are endless rural or urbanized cityscapes, rich and very well-developed, and they usually make their way to itineraries.

Bridges are often a huge part of these landscapes, and while it is quite easy to plan a trip to see the most famous ones, travelers tend to forget that there are lesser-known yet just as magnificent ones! So, check out our recommendations of the top 5 underrated bridges in Europe to see with your own eyes! 

  1. Pont Neuf, Paris

While there are up to thirty crossings and bridges over the River Seine, a signature body-water here in France, Pont Neuf might just be the most significant one, yet quite often overlooked. 

Connecting Ile de la Cite island and the central city, Pont Neuf is actually the oldest standing crossing over the River Seine. Its construction began in the 16th century, and it is still one of the most beautiful and essential pieces of the cityscape, which says a lot, knowing it is Paris we are talking about! 

The bridge comprises two separate spans, with arches on both banks. The sides are decorated with 381 mascarons - stone masks representing forest and field divinities from ancient mythology, giving it even more of a magical look! Make sure you cross it the next time you are in Paris! 

  1. Waalseilandbrug, Amsterdam

After the River Seine, jump on the Paris to Amsterdam train and see what is hidden behind the more famous and worldly-known bridges in the Netherlands! 

With its famous districts and canals, Amsterdam is naturally packed with numerous gorgeous crossings, such as the Torensluis Brug or Magere Brug. However, behind these monumental bridges, there is one very unique and just as striking. 

Waalseilandbrug, otherwise known as the 283 Bridge, is an architectural wonder, never quite making the most popular list, yet worth seeing. Developed in 1914, the concrete crossing stands out with its unusual shaping, differing from the more elegant pieces in the city. With uneven curves and different materials, Waalseilandbrug is one of the most fun yet underrated bridges in Europe! 

  1. Čechuv Bridge, Prague

Finding more overlooked or underrated bridges in Prague is extremely easy since they are all massively overshadowed by the famous Charles Bridge! Of course, this is quite understandable, knowing its cultural and historical significance, but there are many more to see.

Čechuv Bridge is one of the shortest ones in Prague, but its architecture and beautiful designs make it very appealing and fitting to the city’s aesthetic. Developed in 1908, the arch crossing is one of the best displays of Art Noveau architectural style! The decorative sculptures adorning Čechuv’s columns are an explicit feature of Art Noveau, making the bridge the only one in this style in the Czech Republic. This is why it is protected by the state and so loved by the locals! 

  1. Mozartsteg, Slazburg

Did you know that there are only up to 15 bridges in Salzburg? So get on the high speed train from Prague to Vienna, get on a bus to Salzburg, and let’s check them, shall we?

Today, we are visiting Mozartsteg, or simply the Mozart Bridge. Even with a name as famous as this, the crossing is often overlooked by travelers and rarely makes it to the must-see list. Which is quite disappointing! Mozartsteg is a gorgeous and very important bridge connecting Old Town and Stone Lane. Why is it so important? 

Well, apart from being the perfect example of Art Noveau style in Austria, it is also the signature bridge featured in the famous production of The Sound of Music! You can even take a fan tour to see some of the musical’s sets, which Mozartsteg is a part of. 

  1. Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge

Actually, this might be a known name for you already! Unfortunately, however, with all the glory and fame on the Bridge of Sighs, Mathematical Bridge hangs back in second place, which is quite a mistake! 

Connecting the riverside and one of the oldest buildings in Cambridge, Mathematical Bridge is proof of a genius architectural mind that fits in so well with the whole vibe of scholars. Known as the part of the Queen’s College, the crossing is also called a simple Wooden Bridge, but there is nothing simple about it!

It actually earned its original name, Mathematical, because of its impeccable yet eerie design. While an arch bridge, it is made solely from straight pieces of wood. At first sight, it does not look like much - a short, wooden bridge; however, once you look closer, you can see the sophisticated engineering and curious design! 

There you go! Five unique and underrated crossings to put on your itinerary and explore a bit closer. If you do not wish to walk it, make sure to find a good enough spot to see it in the light of the rest of the cityscape. They are true architectural wonders! 

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