Squash Stars: A Squash Club For Kids, With A Difference!

England squash, squash stars, squash club for kids,

"Mum, Squash is the best! I can't wait for next week!" these are the words my 7 year old Logan said to me after just one session of Squash Stars and to be honest, it made me so happy to hear!

England Squash have set up 'Squash Stars' for children aged 5-11 to introduce kids to the game of Squash in a fun way. Squash Stars is a six week programme that is suitable for all kids no matter their ability (Logan had never played Squashed before our sessions) and as it's an indoor sport, it means avoiding the unpredictable British weather.  

England squash, squash stars, squash club for kids,

As well as six squash sessions, Logan received a kit bag which included a racket, ball, squash stars t-shirt, and a pair of goggles which he can keep. And for only £42 for the kit and the sessions, I think it’s fantastic! Logan couldn’t wait to try the racket and ball out straight away! 

Each session is 45 minutes long and at each session I've watched as the kids have learnt so much and come a long way in their own confidence with the racket and the ball. It was great to see in the first session how the leaders were getting the children introduced and helping them to learn each others names. They all sat down in a circle and rolled the ball to one of the other children and as they did they had to say that child's name. They did this several times so that by the end, all of the children knew each others names confidently and felt comfortable around each other. 

England squash, squash stars, squash club for kids,

Nothing has felt rushed either, there has been lots of focus on helping the children learn to control the ball and helping to improve their hand eye coordination. Some of the ways this has been done is by asking the children to pass the Squash ball slowly to each other just using their rackets by placing one on top of the other, or by asking the children to defend a 'goal' from the incoming ball and also by walking slowly through a rope ladder on the floor, whilst keeping their squash balls balanced on top of their rackets. 

England squash, squash stars, squash club for kids,

The aim has been to get the children to keep their eyes on the ball at all times and learn to really focus on it and this has clearly been paying off as I've watched over the weeks how the children have gained more and more ability and confidence with being able to hit the ball with their rackets when it bounces off of the wall. 

England squash, squash stars, squash club for kids,

The leaders have also done lots of work in teaching the children the names of the different zones on the floor within the game of Squash. 

England squash, squash stars, squash club for kids,

I've loved watching how involved the leaders have been in the sessions and with the children over the weeks - they really do encourage each child and praise them for the things they achieve and it's lovely to see the children grow in confidence and clearly enjoy the sessions because of it. (A huge thank you to Katie and Patricia at Wendover Squash club for all the support they’ve given Logan!).

England squash, squash stars, squash club for kids,

I am so happy that I took Logan along to Squash Stars - it's been amazing to watch his confidence grow and to see him try something new and active. He's really enjoyed himself and has come home wanting to practice even further. It's been lovely for him to have such supportive leaders helping him (and each and every one of the children) along the way helping to grow even more confident each session. 

The next wave of Squash Stars sessions starts in January and there are a whole host of squash clubs around the country that have signed up to the initiative. If you can, I really recommend seeing if your children would be interested in going along. You can find a Squash Stars club near you here. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

*We were invited along to Squash Stars, but all opinions shared are entirely my own. 

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