Visiting Legoland Billund, Denmark For The First Time

A visit to Billund, Denmark, birth place of Lego has been on our bucket list for a while, with us being a completely Lego-mad family with more Lego bricks in our house than anything else! As the boys are 9 and 7 we felt that now was the perfect age to take them to experience Legoland, The Lego House, WOW Park and Lalandia - all places I'd read about as being must visits whilst in Billund. 

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Getting there
We got up super early (2am!!) to catch a Ryanair flight to Billund at 7:30am and the flight from London Stansted took about an hour and a half which felt very quick. Getting through Billund airport was not quite as smooth - it took us about 2 hours to get through the airport as their passport checks took so long as they had only 2 people checking passports and there was no proper queuing system so people were constantly pushing their way in front. 

However once we got through it was fine and we decided on a bus to take us to Legoland rather than a taxi. The bus for the 4 of us was around £6 (we were just charged for 2 adults as the kids were free). Denmark doesn't have Uber and the taxi's can be expensive so we found for the duration of our stay that the buses were a lot better financially. Although the next day we actually discovered the free Billund shuttle that goes between all of the places we were visiting including the airport every hour and so we used this a number of times too. I've shared the timetable below.

free shuttle bus Billund timetable, city shuttle bus Billund
Free city shuttle bus timetable 

We stayed at the incredible Legoland Knights Castle Hotel for the first 2 nights and so we took our suitcases straight to the hotel and left our luggage in the luggage room and headed straight to Legoland which was just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Note: If you travel by car, there is parking available at Legoland

I found myself in lego form!

Arriving at Legoland 
After scanning our tickets and picking up our map, what instantly struck me about Legoland was that it is very popular! There were lots of people there despite the fact that Denmark school holidays had finished, there seemed to be a lot of other people from other countries there who probably were on August school holidays like the UK. We downloaded the free Legoland Billund app which had lots of information about the park, including the queue times for the rides. The longest queues we saw were 50 minutes, but there were rides with only 15 minute queues so we went for those ones first. 

I've only visited the Windsor Legoland once before, but Legoland Billund was on a whole much bigger scale! Walking around the park gave me Disneyland vibes in how it makes you feel fully immersed in being there. The park is HUGE and there's lots and lots to see and do. I definitely think in the summer when it's busier and the queues are a bit longer, that you could easily spend 2/3 days there or even longer if you wanted to take it a slower pace. As it's such a big park, there's a lot of walking but you can pick up a buggy at the entrance for the kids to save their legs from getting too tired. 

Rides and attractions
The rides are all amazing! One of our favourites is called 'The Dragon'. It's actually built into a medieval castle and you walk round it and get to see some incredible lego models before even getting on the ride. Then on the ride it takes you around the castle some more and again you see some more incredible Lego models that blow your mind and then it speeds up and takes you outside on a fun rollercoaster ride. It was brilliant and it felt like it lasted for quite a while rather than being over quickly. 

Legoland Billund, legoland rides

We also really enjoyed Ghost - The Haunted House and loved the fact that you got to explore the haunted house and mirror maze before you got onto the ride. Jungle Racers was amazing, we got to speed around on water scooters! Adam and Ethan went on X-treme Racers, Ice Pilots School and Polar X-plorer as they love thrill rides and they said they were incredible! We loved The Temple which is a target shooting ride. And the Vikings River Splash was so much fun! We also thought Atalantis by Sea Life which is an aquarium there was amazing! 

Sealife aquarium Legoland Billund

In total we only had a day there split over 2 days (2 half days), and to be honest it wasn't long enough to see and do everything, but I think that's a good thing in general as it shows just how much is at Legoland to do! You can see a full list of the rides and attractions there here - legoland.dk/attractions/

Legoland Billund, legoland ninjago ride
Legoland Billund, haunted house ride, ghost Legoland

There's lots of places throughout the park where the kids (and adults) can experience building something with Lego. Logan and I spent a while building our own boat and getting it to float in the river at Arctic Icebreakers. I thought the Monster Wall near the haunted house ride was so cool also!

Legoland Billund,lghost ride

Miniland was absolutely mind-blowing, the lego models that are on display there are unbelievable. We took our time walking around looking at everything wondering how the models were possible because they were that good. 

miniland Legoland Billund,

There are amazing play areas around the park for kids too and there's even a Nintendo Game Zone! Throughout the day there are meet and greets with lego characters and also there was a Castle Show on multiple times a day. Children can meet princesses in the Princess Garden also. In total there are 10 different zones at Legoland Billund to explore, so lots and lots to see and do! 

Legoland Shop 
There's a HUGE Lego Shop near where you come in and leave the park and it's so worth a visit! It's the biggest Lego shop we've ever been in and obviously the boys wanted to spend some of their pocket money on new Lego sets! They don't accept Lego VIP point cards in there so you can't collect points in that particular store. 

legoland Billund,

Eating at Legoland, Billund
We're vegetarians and I had done some research before we went and realised we may not find as many meat-free options as we find here. I also discovered that Denmark in general is VERY expensive so we spent a lot more on food than we would have liked there. Including £6 on one drink at another attraction! So it's worth bearing in mind the costs and bringing snacks like we did and then having just 1 meal a day out. 

In Legoland we had a buffet dinner on the first night where we found some cheese pizza and veggie pasta and garlic bread and then the second night we found a vegan burger from the Burger Kitchen which was fantastic to see, so we ordered that. We also got chips and even some chips shaped in Lego Bricks. We got a few coffees / teas whilst in the park too and we also found some Lego shaped chocolate we couldn't resist! 

lego chocolate, Legoland Billund,

Our visit to Legoland Billund was so much fun and a great experience, I definitely recommend a visit if you / your children are Lego fans! To find out more about visiting, opening times and ticket prices, you can visit www.legoland.dk/en/

Legoland Billund, legoland rides

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*We were invited to Legoland Billund for the purpose of this blog post, but all opinion shared are entirely our own. 

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