6 Ways To Personalise Your Living Room

Your living room is easily the heart of your home. It’s where you gather with family to create lasting memories. It’s where you relax after a difficult day, watch movies or play some video games. It’s also where you host your friends and other guests and give them a homey, welcoming feel. Because you spend most of your relaxing days in your living room, it is important to give it a touch of decor that befits your style and personality. You want to personalise this important space in a way that suits you, reflects who you are, and creates a comfy place worth coming home to. So, if you feel
your living room lacks character or doesn’t look unique, here are a few things you can do to personalise it. 

  1. Drape your walls with memories

One of the best and cheapest ways to personalise your living room and make it reflect who you are is to spruce up your walls with personal memories you hold dear to you. You can create personalised photo canvas prints of yourself, your family, or your loved ones and hang them on your walls. You can visit websites such as https://www.pixaprints.co.uk/buy/canvas-prints for personalised photo canvas prints. And if you love travelling or having fun and taking pictures, you probably have some beautiful shots on your phone. Don’t keep them there alone; edit the best ones, if you prefer, print them, and have them framed and hang them on your walls. You can also create smaller photo frames that can nestle on your shelves or even stand on desks and tables in your living room. 

Aside from personal photographs, you can also frame pictures of pretty much anything you love, from pictures of your favourite artists, musicians, poets, etc. And if there are some amazing artworks you love but cannot afford, here is a simple trick you can use. Find online pictures or copies of those artworks, print them, and have them framed. There! You can now grace your living room with all the paintings you thought you could never afford. 

  1. Know your colours

The choice of colours you use to paint your walls or prefer for your curtains, window covers, and even our furniture can greatly impact the overall look of your living room. The colours you love will create a space that feels personal and benefits you. So, take the time to figure out what colours appeal to you the most and find creative ways to make those colours dominate your interior decor theme. Even if you love just one colour, you can try using different shades and tones of that colour in different ways. 

And suppose you’re not sure about what colours appeal to you, there are some things you can try. For example, you can create a colour scheme that matches your home furniture. Then decide on a particular finish that will create an appealing visual effect. You can also consider opting for neutral colours if you want safer options. 

  1. Add your favourite books

Do you love to read? Do you have a collection of books that you love to indulge in? If yes, then bring them out from wherever they are in your bedroom and showcase them in your living room. You can create simple bookshelves or bookcases in your living room space and arrange your books neatly on them. What you love to read can say a lot about the things you’re interested in and who you are. And adding spaces filled with your favourite reading interests will undoubtedly create a space personalised for you.

But you can also use books to decorate, so don’t just pile them up in your living room. You can arrange the books by colour, style them alongside other decorative objects, use them to decorate your coffee tables, or just show your favourite book covers. 

  1. Showcase DIYs and collections

If you or anyone in your family love to make things from scratch, you can find ways to display them in your living room to create a personalised touch. For example, does your child love to draw or mould sculptures? Showcase them in your living room. They don’t have to be perfect, but they will create a visual effect you wouldn’t find in any other living room. The same goes for any DIY project you love to do. Find creative ways to display the finished product in your living room. 

You can showcase your collection if you’re not into DIYs but love to collect items. There are several ways you can do this. For example, you can display smaller items like rare rocks in a display cabinet in your living room. Larger items can hang on your walls, and even larger items can stand on the floor. 

  1. Add a touch of greenery

What makes plants unique when many people already have them in their homes? Believe it or not, the type of plants or greenery you have in your living room can say a lot about your lifestyle and who you are. For example, plants require daily care, highlighting your sense of responsibility. Plus, you can find plants that match your personality and use them to decorate your living room. Not only do plants spruce up living rooms, but they also create a sense of personal bond with the carer. You water them, prune them, and ensure they get enough sunlight and nutrients. All these responsibilities can give you a personalised feel. And if you’re not confident in your ability to take care of plants, you can consider getting faux plants instead. 

  1. Add a touch of the unexpected

Few things can personalise a living room more than something totally unexpected. You can add a touch of the unexpected in two ways. One, it could be a unique item such as a humorous animal portrait or a caricature sculpture of anything. Two, you can create an unexpected look by setting up or arranging your living room space. Instead of creating the usual living room design, try moving things like your furniture pieces around to create a different but comfortable arrangement that works for you. 

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