I've got those hap-hap-happy feet! With Moshulu Slippers

Moshulu review

If there's one thing to know about me, it's that I LIVE in slippers and if it was socially acceptable I think, no I KNOW, that I'd happily live in pyjamas too! When it comes to style, I believe comfort is key, it's everything. When you're comfortable, you're most happy and when you're most happy, you're most confident. It's a win-win. 

Moshulu is an indie footwear designer based in Devon who sell stylish, colourful and comfortable shoes, boots, sandals and slippers and they totally understand how important being comfortable is! I know this because I have had the absolute pleasure of working with them recently and testing out a pair of their Banoffee 2 Ballerina Slippers in this gorgeous 'Blush' colour. 

The rubber soles on the slippers are hardwearing which is perfect for me, as I like to seriously get my wear out of my slippers. But also they are amazingly kind on my feet - I feel like I'm bouncing on comfort when I walk around in these! 

What I also love about these is the design - the colour is as I said gorgeous, but also I love the ballerina pump style, I feel like you could easily get away with thinking that these are actual shoes, yet the comfort of them far exceeds any comfort you'd find in a regular pair of shoes. 

Moshulu review
Moshulu review
Perfect for pottering about the house wearing PJs or regular clothes!

Moshulu review
Not only were Moshulu kind enough to gift me a pair, but they sent a pair for the whole family! 
Moshulu review

The entire family has been kitted out with a pair of super comfy slippers that they love! Adam, my Husband opted for the 'Yew' Mens Slippers and he's just like me in that he's always wearing his. They keep his feet snug and the hard-wearing rubber sole means that like with mine, he can wear them out into the back garden as well as in the house without them getting ruined!

The boys have taken after us in that they love to be comfy and warm, and they were over the moon when I showed them their new pairs of slippers. They have the Mini Matmi kids slippers made with a recycled felt upper and they very handily have a soft elasticated heel cup designed into them to help keep their smaller feet secure. Plus, they also have extra grippy soles on them which has been designed just for kids. They love wearing them to keep their feet warm and both say they are really comfy! 

If you're like us and love a good pair of slippers, then definitely take a look at Moshulu.co.uk, they have all different styles and colours to suit everyone and they're amazing quality! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

*This post is in collaboration with Moshulu, but all thoughts shared are entirely my own. 

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