How To Save Money on Energy Bills!

How To Save Money on Energy Bills

With the cost of living rising, we all want to know the same thing.. what can we do to save money on our energy bills? 

Asides from the obvious ways in which we can save on our energy usage and bills there is something else that can help to cut our energy usage and bills and that something is... Hive!

We've had a Hive Thermostat for a while now and honestly?.. I now can't imagine not having it! In short we can control our heating directly from our smartphones via the Hive app, so we have instant access to our heating wherever and whenever we are. If we leave the house and forget to turn the heating off, no problem, we just turn it off on using our phone rather than feel annoyed about wasting the heat and the money used to heat the house. And then when we are coming home and don't want to return to a freezing cold house? No problem - we simply turn it back on 20 minutes before we get home!

Coming home to a freezing cold house was one of the things that I hated before we got our Hive Smart Thermostat which not only lets us control the heating in our home from quite literally anywhere in the world, it's even meant that we've been able to set up a smart schedule for our normal routine and days at home which means our heating only now comes on at specific times if the temperature of the house has dropped below a specific temperature that we've set. One example is that we have our heating automatically set to come on at 4pm when we get home from getting the boys after school if it is below 19 degrees in the house. It's so convenient and handy that we don't even need to think about it and it means that we NEVER overspend on heating! 

Save on Energy and Money With Brand NEW Hive Thermostat Mini

It's fair to say that the Hive Thermostat has been an incredible and worthy investment and something that we'd struggle to do without now and that's why I'm so excited to tell you about the BRAND NEW launch of Hive's Thermostat Mini, which is an even more affordable version of the Hive Thermostat. 

The new Hive Mini having recently been awarded the 2021 GOOD DESIGN Award, allows you to conveniently manage your heating from the Hive App, it also has advanced features like Geolocation (it is able to detect if you've left the house with the heating on and if you have, it will send an instant alert as a reminder to turn it off), Frost Protection (it'll automatically turn on if temperatures drop below 7 degrees to help stop the pipes from freezing) and can also help you to keep a close eye on your energy usage. It is also smaller than the original Hive Thermostat and looks perfect in any home against any style decor with it's simple and sleek design. 

The Hive Thermostat Mini is compatible with a range of boilers and heating systems including most gas and LPG central heating systems, most oil boilers and electric and it is clever in that you are able to use it with other Hive devices using the app such as boosting the heating when the Hive Motion Sensor (if you have one) detects movement around the home. You can even use the Hive Mini with voice control using voice control technology like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Siri Shortcuts and IFTTT.

Overall the Hive Thermostat Mini is not only a smart and convenient addition to any home in that it allows us people to manage their heating from absolutely anywhere in the world! It's also a completely worthwhile investment which allows us to save on both energy and money, which at the moment with the cost of living rising, especially when it comes to energy, is absolutely crucial! 

Existing customers who have a Hive Hub can get Mini for just £59 (RRP). For new customers it is £119 (RRP) for the Mini and Hub. Click to find out more about Hive's Smart Heating range. 

What would be your favourite feature of the new Hive Thermostat Mini?

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

This post is in conjunction with Hive but all thoughts are my own

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