Mothers Day Weekend

I'm a little bit late with writing this, but late is better than never and I really wanted to make sure I had a space on my blog to share what a lovely surprise I had from Adam and the boys for Mothers Day this year.  Adam was away Mothers Day weekend for a stag do in Dublin and so beforehand he really thoughtfully arranged for some presents for me from the boys and him which they gave to me before Adam went away. 

They bought me the most beautiful pyjamas from Cath Kidston, which are probably the nicest pair of pyjamas I will ever own! They also got me a giant Millies Cookie as they know I absolutely love the cookies from there, which said 'Happy Mothers Day' on and also a basket of beautiful flowers for the garden as they knew that I really wanted to put a few pots of real flowers out in the back garden. All as a surprise - it was so lovely and so incredibly thoughtful. 

One of the things I love most is a handmade card and I was so incredibly touched and happy when my boys came out of school on Friday both holding a card they'd made themselves at school for me. 

With Adam away in Dublin, the boys and I planned to see family over the weekend and spend time with them. We went out for a nice lunch and afterwards the boys had ice cream in the sunshine and played in the park. And then on Sunday, I did lunch here for my mother in law and Adam's Grandad which was really nice. 

This was all before I tested positive for coronavirus of course (after having tested negative on Saturday morning).

It was a lovely Mothers Day few days, I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend too.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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