The Ordinary Moments: A Chilled Weekend

I know I've said it before, but I really want to get back in to writing more 'ordinary moments' blog posts. They are always a nice way to capture exactly that - the ordinary, everyday moments. It's something I fall in and out of doing because I share most ion these sorts of posts and photos over on my Instagram account, as I post on there so often, but sometimes it's nice to have a little memory on here too and it's always a nice way to have a roundup of the photos I've taken. 

These photos are from our weekend just gone, and I wanted to put them on here because despite there not being anything too exciting going on for us this weekend, it turned out to be such lovely chilled and relaxed weekend, the kind that I seem to be embracing and loving more and more at the moment. 

I think as the boys are getting older, I don't feel the same pressure to go out somewhere each weekend like I used to. The boys are both quite happy at home playing with their toys, building LEGO, playing games and just chilling. Of course, it's still nice to get outdoors for a bit and during the summer we go outside quite a lot (we're definitely more spring/summer people and not fans of the cold and the mud). 

This weekend we spent time at home on Saturday. Ethan's been asking Adam to get his Lord of The Rings Lego collection out of the cabinet to show him, after we watched the films with him over Christmas. They spent ages looking at it together and then Adam played a Lego Lord of the rings board game that I had found in the charity shop a few years ago with the boys afterwards. We spent lots of time just chilling and doing our own things and of course playing some Super Smash Bros which is probably our favourite game to play on the Nintendo Switch as a family at the moment. 

On Sunday we went for a muddy winters walk just locally and when I say muddy, it was oozing, squelching mud! But it was still nice to get outside for some fresh air for a little while. 

It's these chilled out weekends at home that I'm loving at the moment. I'm usually not a fan of January and the winter, but I'm embracing the season this year and actually enjoying it! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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