Life Lately: A January Catch Up

I can't believe it's the last day of January, although I am secretly a little bit happy about it too, as January isn't my favourite month of the year. It's often the time of year that we long to book a holiday and go and find some sunshine and a time of year that we really want to get outdoors but it feels too cold to. However, I have to say, this January hasn't been too bad at all. 

We've had lots of birthday celebrations which has meant lovely meals out and family time. We've also booked our flights and found a hotel for a holiday to Malta this year that Adam and I are going on just us to celebrate 20 years together and 10 years married. Adam's Mum has very kindly offered to look after the boys for 4 nights so that we can go and we're so grateful and excited! We've also booked two other really exciting trips for this year which we're going on with the boys. Plus we've got other dates in the diary for things to look forward to, including a trip to London this weekend for two nights. So this January has actually been pretty good! 

We've celebrated my father in laws 60's themed 60th birthday this month, as well as my Mum's 60th too! My Mum went out for a celebratory meal and it was really nice. We surprised her with balloons and a birthday cake and she seemed really happy. 

This weekend we had my brother, my sister in law and their 10 week old baby round to ours for dinner and games and that was really lovely. It was nice to spend some time with them and have some cuddles with my new niece. 

On Sunday we went out for a walk to Rushmere Country Park which is one of my favourite forests - it's such a beautiful, peaceful place to get some fresh air and enjoy nature. A nice man who works with the swans there gave Logan some swan food and Logan held his hand out to feed the family of swans. He's so brave and gentle with animals. 

In January we also had our first case of coronavirus in the house. Logan picked it up from school, though luckily he had absolutely no symptoms at all, you would never had been able to tell if it wasn't for the positive test. We home-schooled him for the week and was sure we'd pick it up too, but somehow we managed to dodge it, as did Ethan, which surprised us as there are lots of children in his class too who had it. Fortunaely, It was over very quickly for us, since no one else picked it up and Logan was absolutely fine in himself. 

This month we've also been making plans to try and do a second buy to let, after getting our first buy to let property last year. It's (touch wood) been going really well and we feel it's been a really good investment and so we'd love to do a second if we can. We're currently waiting on decisions from banks, so I will update as we (hopefully) move forward.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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