Hotel Features To Look For When You Have Kids

Travelling with kids can be difficult, especially if you’re travelling abroad. As any parent knows, it’s like a military operation getting packed and flying to your destination. When choosing a hotel for your young family, you’ll want to look for certain features that make your holiday safer and easier. 

Safety equipment - you should be able to request items such as safety gates and high chairs directly from the hotel. The rooms should have window locks and all large furniture should be secured to the wall.

Specialist kids activities - many family hotels have a timetable of activities for your kids to enjoy. They’ll have everything from parties to sports. You’ll want to keep them occupied and entertained during the day without having to spend extra money searching for things outside of the resort. It will give you the time to relax too. 

Play areas - kids can get bored fast. And when they’re bored, they can become a handful. Having a safe and suitable play area at the hotel is a great way for them to expend some energy. 

Lifeguards - one of the best parts of a holiday is the pool. It’s lots of fun for both adults and children. For peace of mind, the children’s pool should have a lifeguard on duty at peak times. 

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