Best flooring options for a Nursery

Are you worried about the baby’s nursery, where you need to care for all the baby essentials? As you have wanted the best things for your baby for their healthy upbringing, the paint colour, crib, tables, and bed always come to your mind first.

But, what about flooring? If you overlooked this thing, it’s high time to reconsider. Floors tolerate a lot of abuse, especially beneath the toddling disaster zone. Therefore, the infant’s room should have the right flooring.

As it can make a significant impact on their growth, choosing durable floors would be a plus. Before you make a wrong decision, take a minute to consider the best flooring options for a nursery. 

  1. Carpet

Comfortable, delicate, and forgiving, carpeting is the best option to protect your wobbly baby from bruises and bumps. Hence, Carpets becomes an excellent choice for your new nursery. Moreover, it is usually the least luxurious flooring surface, making it affordable! 

In case natural-fiber carpeting is out of your reach, choose low-VOC substitutes. Whatever your preference is, make sure to install this flooring option before the arrival of your little one to make everything easier. 

  1. Wood Flooring

Super easy to clean and long-lasting hardwood floors provide a contemporary look, which never goes out of style! However, being moderately durable, the wood floors get wear and tear quickly, which is a major drawback as per the cost. 

You must plan on buying a bigger area rug to safeguard your investment and give a more comfy playing area to ease your agile baby’s fall.  

  1. Cork Flooring

Cork will be the best-in-class flooring option for your infant because of its naturally anti-allergenic and anti-microbial properties. Therefore, being another outstanding choice for their rooms, cork offers a safe and comfortable play surface for your kiddo. 

Also, due to its tenderness and warmer property than wood flooring, cork helps soothe their falls and makes them feel less pain.

  1. Soft Rubber Foam Interlocking Tiles

This flooring option is undoubtedly a must-have for play areas when you have installed hardwood flooring or other flooring surfaces in the rest of your house. Due to its super colorful and soft characteristic, that safeguards your wood floors from getting scratched. 

Also, it gives your infant a peaceful place to run around and play some indoor games. Additionally, these are super fun and super vivid. 

  1. Laminate Flooring

Although laminate would not be the best choice for your infant, it’s undoubtedly a pocket-friendly option. Also, its superior scratch withstanding formula will be amazing for kids when they grow up a bit and run around everywhere. But all you have to consider is buying the safer-graded laminates, which are a bit more expensive.     


It can be seen that numerous comfortable, practical, and safer flooring options are available for toddlers. As you now get all the information for every flooring surface, make sure to avail one of the above-mentioned floorings while considering your needs and budget. 

Have you decided to go with a tough surface? As it’s for your baby’s safety, get a soft carpet or foam rubber tiles to create an extra layer of protection for your hardwood flooring.   

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