Back to School 2021!

So here we are - September already! Summer came and went in the blink of an eye, although we were very busy with days out and little trips away, plus a weeks holiday to the Lake District. I love being busy in the summer, it helps break it up, and gets us all out of the house. We love each other but spending six weeks all together at home would probably drive us all a little mad! 

Ethan has gone into year four today, which seems crazy and I swear he was year two just a minute ago? And Logan starts in year two today! They both went in really well this morning and I just hope that they settle back in and enjoy seeing all of their friends and having a bit of structure and routine back after a chilled Summer. 

I usually ask the boys want they want to be when they're older just for a bit of fun each September, this year Ethan wants to be a YouTuber Gamer and Logan quite fancies himself as a Lego Mario Designer! The boys both love their Switch games, mostly Mario, Zelda, Links Awakening and Pokemon and they love playing Lego. So I think those jobs would suit them very well! :)

September is also my birthday month - I'll somehow be 33 on the 9th! And Adam has quite a few events booked in work-wise so it’ll be a busy month for that for him! I'm excited for him as he's had a whole year and a half of not being able to go out to shows with his products and so it'll hopefully be really good for him to be able to get back out there!  

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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