Tips For Decorating The Nursery

One of the most exciting projects in life is the one where you get to decorate your very own nursery for your new baby on the way. Of course, the baby doesn't use the nursery for the first six months of its life as they will be sleeping in with you, but that doesn't mean that you can’t have a beautiful room ready for after this time. It’s a huge project, especially if you’ve got the room situated as another function right now. However, a nursery can be pulled together in plenty of time when you know what you want.

A baby nursery needs to be functional, which is why it has a bed, a changing station and a rocking chair for your feeding comfort. It also has to be beautiful, from the stencils on the walls to the squashy rugs and the Murano Glass Chandeliers to make the light bounce. A baby nursery should be a place of calming comfort, and the best thing about your nursery choice is that it will be the most comfortable space for you and the baby once you’re done! With that in mind, here are some tips to help.

  1. Wall decor. Every single nursery should be beautiful to look at and there are both wall stickers and box decorations you can add to the space. The best place to look for wall decor is Pinterest - and Etsy! - as these are both places that are inspiring for wall decor for a nursery. You can choose a theme or you can choose a character, whichever is best for your space.

  2. Narrow down your options. There are SO many amazing nursery styles out there, and it all depends on the materials you want to use. Some people build their nursery theme around white wooden furniture and others choose to go by a specific colour theme. Either way, you can have a beautiful space with the theme you choose.

  3. Colours matter! You don't have to go traditional pink or blue in your nursery. It’s actually more popular these days to stick to a peach/beige palette against white to make the room look fresh. You can - of course - go against the mould and choose a brightly coloured palette and make it explode with colour. No matter what you do, though, make it stand out!

A nursery needs a place for clothing storage, a place for toy storage, a cot, a glider or chair for you to sit comfortably in and it needs a change station. Let go of the bedding beyond a fitted sheet - babies only need a sheet in the cot! Get a feeding pillow as no matter how you feed, you can support your baby better. Add a lamp with a dimmer switch or a low wattage light bulb, too, so that you can feed the baby at night without too much light pollution. Finish it off with the right blackout shades for the perfect nursery space.

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