Eco Choices to Support Your Wellbeing

You hear a lot these days about supporting the environment and living a healthier more ethical lifestyle, but what can you actually do to take part and improve the well-being of yourself, your family, and the planet? Actually, there are several ways you can live a more progressive lifestyle by making small changes to your normal routine. 

Eat less meat 

These days there is a big shift to a vegan diet to support health and wellbeing along with the planet, but you don’t have to become a dedicated vegan to make a difference. Simply cutting back on your meat consumption reduces the demand for meat and lowers methane emissions. 

A lower meat diet also supports your family’s well-being because you consume fewer calories and less fat. Simultaneously, you eat more greens, beans, and plant proteins that contain high levels of nutrients, minerals, and anti-oxidants.  

Recycle and reuse 

Recycling, reusing, and upcycling are terrific ways to support our personal and collective well-being. The world is more digital than ever before but we still use paper and plastic regularly in everyday life, do you know that recycling one sheet of paper can save 17 mature trees? 

Since trees soak up the carbon from the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen it makes sense to support them as much as possible. Similarly, the less plastic we use the fewer carbon emission and waste we create.   

Reduce energy consumption 

Reducing the energy consumption in your home makes sense from a personal and financial point of view, but it also makes sense for the well-being of the planet. More carbon emissions in the atmosphere strengthen the greenhouse effect and cause all kinds of adverse conditions. 

One way you can contribute to lower carbon emissions and reduce your power bills is to change all the lights in your home to LED bulb lighting or solar lighting. You can find this lighting at https://www.lepro.co.uk/led-bulbs. These lighting styles are the future, they last far longer than incandescent bulbs and cost much less to run.  

Reduce plastic 

Plastic is a very useful material, the problem is it’s toxic and takes hundreds of years to break down in the landfill. When it does break down it adds toxins to the surrounding environment that makes its way into the food chain. This isn’t good for our family’s well-being. 

The good news is there are plenty of ways to reduce the amount of plastic you use in your life. First, choose canvas bags instead of plastic ones for your shopping. You can also buy some mason jars for grains and find a re-fill shop to support.  

Make a compost pile

A compost pile is usually made eat the bottom of your garden inside a container. This is where you put all your food waste to decompose and turn into useful fertilizer. Most things you put in the compost pile will break down in a matter of weeks, then you can use it in your garden. 

A compost pile helps the environment because it reduces your waste output and therefore lowers carbon in the atmosphere. It also gives you some nutritious soil to help your plants and vegetables to grow supporting the well-being of your family in a healthy cycle.   

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