What to Consider When Picking Blinds and Curtains for Your Child’s Room

Whether you are preparing the nursery at home for the birth of your first baby or redecorating a child’s room as they grow up from the toddler years, the right window coverings and treatments for your child’s bedroom is one of the most important considerations to make when settling on a design. When it comes to blinds and curtains for your baby’s nursery or child’s room, there are tons of different options to choose from, and getting the right ones might not always be an easy choice. When choosing blinds for a nursery or child’s bedroom, it’s not just important to think about how the blinds will look in the room and complement the décor. They might impact your child’s sleep, privacy, health, and safety too. Whether you’re a first-time parent or are making some changes to your child’s room, here are some of the most important factors to consider when picking curtains and blinds. 


Safety is the most important factor to think about when you are choosing blinds and curtains for a child’s room. If you have young children or toddlers, bear in mind that there is a risk of them pulling on curtains when they are learning to walk or stand up on their own. Because of this, it is important to consider choosing curtains that are both lightweight and sturdy, along with paying attention to the strength and durability of the rods and brackets that you use. Even better, you might want to choose shorter curtains wherever possible, as they are harder for small kids to reach up and grab onto. 

Blind safety is also important to consider; blinds that have cords can become a serious choking hazard for kids, so be sure to choose blinds or have blinds made to measure with shorter cord mechanisms that adhere to child safety guidelines. 


Adults tend to prefer curtains and blinds that are made from unique, visually appealing materials. However, distinctive and unique curtains and blinds may be more suitable for a sophisticated master bedroom or living room. On the other hand, kids may not be quite as interested in the unique materials and textures of curtains and blinds. In addition, the curtains and blinds in a child’s room are better off being as durable as possible since there’s always the risk of things being spilt or dropped on them. 

Wooden blinds are a good choice of material for a child’s room since they are durable, easy to clean, and will fit in with a wide range of décor choices making them easy to grow with your child and avoid the need to purchase different blinds every time your child goes through a new developmental stage and wants to change up their room as a result. Make My Blinds offers made to measure, bespoke wooden blinds that can be perfect for a child’s room. You can choose from various styles and materials; all you need to do is submit window measurements and order the blinds that you want. 

Light Blocking:

While most parents like to make sure that their kids have a bright, cheerful and exciting room that is decorated with appropriate colours and décor for their age, it’s also important to make sure that their room is adequately darkened during the night to make sure that they get the rest that their developing bodies and minds need. When choosing blinds and curtains for your child’s room, you might want to consider going for blackout or room darkening options that will prevent any light sources from outside the room from getting through the window at night and disrupting your child’s sleep. While blackout curtains might not stop your toddler from waking up at 5 AM every morning like clockwork, they can certainly make it easier for you as a parent by preventing more unnecessary get-ups during the night or dealing with a tired child who is struggling to get to sleep. 

Patterns and Colours:

Roller blinds and roman blinds are often great choices for a child’s room since they come in a wide range of colours and patterns that can be perfect for kids. You can get made-to-measure roller blinds that are made with your child’s favourite TV character or colour to add some personalisation to their room or pick blinds that match their bedding and other décor accessories for a cute and fun look. Exploring all of the different colours, patterns and textures available is often one of the most fun things about choosing curtains or blinds for your child’s room. You could choose a cartoon pattern you know they are going to love. However, bear in mind that many kids will grow out of these likes quite quickly and move onto the next thing, so if you want curtains and blinds that last a long time, a more versatile pattern or colour that will work great with their next room décor theme might be a better choice for your budget. 

Your Child’s Preferences:

While your newborn or toddler probably won’t have a lot of input to give when you’re choosing blinds or curtains for their room, if you have an older child, it can be beneficial to get them involved in choosing curtains and blinds, along with other types of décor for their room. As kids get a little older, they will start to form their own preferences and some of them are very sure about what they do and don’t like, which could ultimately make the process of choosing blinds and curtains easier for you by narrowing down your options based on their preferences. In addition, it can be a fun way to bond with your child by tackling a DIY project together that they can get involved in, while teaching them how to do some important tasks like measuring windows. It’s also a good way to teach them more about how much certain things cost if they’re at an age where they can start learning about money. 

Value for Money:

There’s no denying that raising kids can be expensive, and if you want to get the best value for money, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying items like curtains and blinds for your child’s room. Getting curtains and blinds in colours and patterns that are long-lasting and versatile, such as light pink, blue, or even white means that you will be able to keep the window treatments in place and save money by avoiding replacing them when your child wants a more grown-up room in the future. Invest in high-quality materials wherever possible and seriously consider having blinds made to measure since bespoke options will often tend to last much longer and be of far better quality compared to blinds and curtains that you can purchase off the shelf. In addition, made to measure blinds and curtains will look better in your child’s room as they are guaranteed to fit the window perfectly. 

Blinds and curtains can make or break a room, and whether you’re putting a nursery together for your baby’s arrival or changing up the room of an older child, they’re always a big component of the room to consider. Keep these factors in mind to help you choose the perfect blinds and curtains for your child’s room, whatever their age and preferences. 

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