Schools Out For Summer! A Chatty Update

Here we are mid July and the last day of the school term for the boys! Ethan has his last day of year 3 and Logan has his last day of year 1 today and it feels surreal at how fast they're growing up! I think a big part of how fast it all feels comes from feeling like we lost a year of school due to the pandemic. 

We've got lots of plans over the summer holidays, nothing to extravagant, just some fun days out booked in and also a family trip to the Lake District with Adam's side of the family which we cannot wait for as it'll be out first holiday in ages since they were cancelled last year. 

It's genuinely felt so much fun being able to book up our calendar again, it's so nice to have plans and things to look forward to after a year of being at home in isolation. The sun is shining and our restrictions here in the UK have eased. Cases are still high but most adults are vaccinated and lots are even doubler vaccinated, so whilst we do need to continue to be careful, we can have a lot of freedom back. It's nerve racking in a way, but it doesn't seem like coronavirus is ever going to just go as such (my brother and Mum actually currently have coronavirus and are isolating, fortunately the symptoms are very mild), so we have to find a way to move forward and be sensible. The mask-wearing in shops and crowded places restrictions have ended but we will still be wearing ours in crowded places and making sure we sanitise our hands regularly, I think it's only sensible. 

We've booked in Chessington World of Adventures for August using our clubcard vouchers from Tesco and we're also visiting Hever Castle (childhood home of Anne Boleyn) with the boys again. We'll be making use of our National Trust membership and also visiting the library and going swimming. We also have some campaigns with brands that are fun family days out, which is very exciting! And Adam and I even have a couples trip to London planned in and a wedding to go to. We're going to be so busy, but it's just amazing to be able to be so busy again! 

We've just bought the boys a new pool for the garden, well, I say the boys but Adam and I have already been in and it's a fantastic family size, it even comes with four inflatable seats in it and two drinks holders. It's brilliant - especially for the heatwave that we're having at the moment. My brother Mark bought the boys new water guns and they're huge so the boys are going to really enjoy being in the garden this summer. 

Adam and I spent the morning at the lake today and it was absolutely glorious. We discovered that they've just built a new cafe/restaurant that overlooks the lake and so we sat and had a coffee/tea there for a while and then we walked the whole lake. We've never sweat so much due to the heat, but you can't complain when the weather is treating us as much as it is at the moment. 

I hope everyone has a lovely summer! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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