Budget DIY Bathroom Makeover for £39! Before & After

Ever since we moved in to our current home, some newly 8 years ago, we've said we'd one day like to get our bathroom done. But we've just never got around to it, mostly because we don't use the bathroom much ourselves anymore as we have an en-suite up in our bedroom in the loft conversion, so we only use it for going to the toilet sometimes and to shower the boys. It was also, whilst not really our taste, not particularly a bad bathroom. The cabinets weren't particularly our favourite colour but they weren't offensive to look at either. 

The bathroom isn't huge, it's just bigger than a big cupboard but it's always served it's purpose. And so recently I came to the conclusion that perhaps we didn't need to spend out for a totally new bathroom, perhaps we could get away with simply painting the cupboards and bath panel and save ourselves potentially a few thousand pounds. 

Lockdown has left me itchy for a new project and so last week I decided to just go for it and try DIY'ing it myself. I'm not particularly one for DIY and I really had no idea where to start with it all so I watched a few YouTube videos of people doing similar and I did some research into it and decided to bite the bullet and order some paint, primer and and some sugar soap. Which in total cost me just £39. 

I started by removing the cupboard doors and removing the bath panel and then I sanded everything down. After it was sanded I used sugar soap to clean everything and remove any dirt and grease that wasn't visible. And then after using masking tape on the sides of everything I primed the wood with my white wood primer. The paint I bought said I didn't need to prime the wood, but I'd seen lots of videos from people advising to do so and so I did. Once the primer was dry, it took around two coats (ish) of paint. (I went for B&Q's Cupboard and Cabinet paint in the colour Loft Grey Satin). And the below is the result! 

I am SO happy with the result. I doubted myself when I started it as I really wasn't sure how it was going to turn out and I hadn't even tested the paint colour, but I love it, it's such a modern colour. I honestly feel like I've got a new bathroom, except I didn't spend thousands, I spent £39. The decor we added like the picture frame and lantern were things we already had around our home, so I just moved a few things about and didn't need to buy anything extra. 

The bathroom before! 

If you'd like to watch the transformation from start to finish you can watch my video below or over on my youtube channel. 


 Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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