How To Design The Perfect Bedroom For Your Toddler

When your child was a baby, you may have kept their cot next to your bed so that they are not alone in the night. However, as they get older, they will soon be ready to have their own space where they can sleep, dream and play. That means you are presented with the exciting challenge of decorating their room! Here are some great ideas to get you started!

Choose a theme.

If you are unsure of exactly how you want to design their room, take inspiration from their likes and interests and pull together a clear theme. For example, you could use some of your favourite colours or characters from their favourite books or tv shows. This could include: 

  • A Star themed room for those who dream of heading into outer-space.

  • A Princess themed room, for those with royalty in their blood.

  • A Dinosaur themed room, for those who think dinos rock!

  • A Magic themed room, for budding witches and wizards.

  • An ocean-themed room, for lovers of mermaids, pirates and undersea adventures. 

  • A sports-themed room, for athletes of the future. 

  • A room designed around their favourite nursery rhyme. 

No matter which theme you chose, remember that simplicity is key. You don’t have to create the most OTT room possible, just ensure that it features some of their favourite things. For example, if you chose a star-themed room, you can purchase star stickers online that you can apply over the walls. 

When it comes to choosing a colour for the room, you can again turn to their favourite shades. However, you may wish to turn away from overly bright colours, in favour of softer shades that can create a calming atmosphere. Sometimes, you’ll hear horror stories turning you away from using the colour white, as it can stain easily, but rest assured that you can easily wipe away fingerprints and dirt! 

Create a safe space. 

When designing your child’s bedroom, you need to ensure that it is a space in which they feel comfortable and relaxed. It should be their safe space - where they can play with their toys and spend some time alone if they need to. Therefore, you should focus on making it as comfortable as possible. Remember, you can never be too cosy. You might want to buy the following items to help!

  • Pillows 

  • Blankets

  • Throws

  • Bean bag chairs

  • Fairy lights 

  • Plushies

Make the most of your available space. 

Children seem to have a never-ending supply of clothes and toys, and you may feel as though you have nowhere to store all of their things - especially if their room is on the smaller side. However, this means that you just need to be a little more inventive. For example, storage beds create hidden extra space for their belongings. You can also install shelves, or buy them a traditional chest to store their toys. The more storage solutions, the easier it will be to keep their room organised - though you might have to encourage them to put their toys away, too. 

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