Colour Your House, Colour Your Mood

Have you ever heard of Colour Therapy--or Chromotherapy? If you haven’t, it is the use of colours to enhance, control, or relax your mood. Pink inspires self-love and love for others, cool blue inspires calmness, and so on.

According to Iris Tech, colour therapy is nothing new, but an ancient form of healing dating back 2000 years in Egyptian and Chinese cultures.

Positivity is extremely important, whether you are recovering from a pregnancy, going through seasonal depressions, or are just down about the way things are going in your life and life in general. Yes, you can meditate or read self-help books, lift weights or do yoga, but sometimes when the blues get you down, none of those stimulate enough motivation! So what can be done instead to improve your mood “in the background?” 

Let’s discuss the beautiful ways of implementing colour therapy into your home, so simply being at home has the possibility to enhance your mood! 


Look around, what colours currently take up each space? Are they contrasting or complimentary? Cool and natural, or warm and loud? Vibrant hues or soft hues? And how do you naturally feel at home? Are you stressed out? Do you enjoy coming home, because it is relaxing? 

Whatever observations and conclusions you come up with, jot them down. Reviewing your notes, what changes would you like to see in your mood? Are you too stressed and need to relax? Or are you too relaxed and need some stimulation?

A really great example of the use of colour on psychology is fast-food chains, like McDonalds or Wendy’s, which typically use red in their logos and advertising. Red stimulates metabolism; therefore, the appetite. 

Colours for Mood

You can review a colour chart here to see what kind of colours you need to incorporate into each room of your house and which ones you need to remove.

There are many ways to incorporate these colours, such as the colouring the walls and cabinet painting, throw pillows and blankets, art decor, and even things like your clothes, which may get hung up on a coat rack or left out by the washing machine!

Pick any room to start with, and think about what it’s used for. An office needs concentration, a kitchen needs just a little appetite stimulation (unless you’re prone to eating out of boredom or overeating), etc. A living room can become the social hang-out spot, if you add pops of orange. This colour inspires cheerfulness and happiness. You might consider having a theme of orange around your house for this purpose! 

As you can see, this is a simple way to boost and regulate your mood cycles, making your home a place that inspires you, relaxes you, and welcomes you when you wake up, come home, or simply move rooms. No painful workouts, long meditations, or endless books required! 

This practice also gives you access into a new understanding of yourself and the way you are and have been feeling, starting the process for transforming your mindset!

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