The Ordinary Moments: Making Time For Us

It's been such a long time since I shared an 'ordinary moments' post, and I've been meaning to get back into writing them for some time. After all they're a way to document everyday life - the whole reason I started this online diary of mine. It's been so easy to do a lot of the documenting over on my Instagram account as Instagram has really exploded over the last few years. But there's something about having a blog and being able to look back on these posts that I still love and so I am going to make a real effort to make sure that I don't neglect this space in favour of just Instagram. 

So here we are - my first ordinary moments post in a while and this one is simply about mine and Adam's mid-week lunch date that we had this week. We both are fortunate enough to work from home for ourselves and so we have the flexibility to be able to go out for lunch during the week together, which is amazing in itself but even more so during this year when we haven't had as many opportunities to have a date night or a night away together due to COVID. 

This week is the last week that the boys are at school before the chirstmas holidays and so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Prezzo (when I say treat, we did actually use our Tesco Clubcard vouchers that have added up over this year, to pay for lunch haha). We saw it a bit like our own little Christmas party but without the actual party!

It's good to make an effort to do things like this I think and so important to have that together time. We may work in the same room at home, but we do different jobs and we are often so busy. We were lucky that at the time our county was in tier 2 which meant that we could go to a restaurant, as as of tomorrow our county enters tier 3 which means all non-essential shops, venues and all restaurants will close. The next few months are still so uncertain in terms of the virus, and of course, we had to take precautions whilst eating out by using things like hand sanitiser and wearing masks to move around the restaurant, and of course, the restaurant themselves have their own measures that they've put in place, but it was so nice to have that little slice of 'normality' for an hour at least.   

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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