Our Christmas 2020 Memories

Christmas 2020 was undoubtedly different to any other Christmas we've ever had. Our plans to celebrate with just a few people this year were squashed just like millions of others five days before Christmas when our area was moved into a tier 4 lockdown, which meant and still means that we are unable to see family or friends. To say it was a disappointment is an understatement, it hit hard, after a year of sticking to the rules and the restrictions it would have been amazing to have spent christmas with the people that we've missed seeing so much. But unfortunately, the virus hasn't gone anywhere yet and with it being Winter, things for the moment have got worse. The good news is is that there is a vaccine and this is being currently rolled out, so there is hope for some sort of return to 'normal' perhaps sometime next year. 

Determined to not let news of the increase in cases and the new tiers completely spoil Christmas, we really tried to focus on the positives and the things that we could still do at home safe as a family of four. It's hard to explain emotions at the moment - because on one hand, you know how fortunate you are to be able to celebrate Christmas at home with your immediate family, to have presents under the tree, food in the cupboard, your health and your jobs still, but on the other hand you long for a slice of what life used to be like - a lot more carefree! You know people are losing their lives, losing their family members, losing their jobs and you know that hospital staff are working themselves into the ground trying to keep people alive and when you think like that you know you shouldn't complain. But I'm trying to remember that it's okay feel my personal emotions, to be up and down and not quite myself, our feelings are all valid despite our different situations.

Despite the emotional rollercoaster of a year, we had a really special Christmas with the most magical of it being what it always is - watching the boys excitement on Christmas morning. There's nothing quite like the magic that children bring to Christmas and it was very much present this year, as it always is. They enjoyed each of their presents and their faces lit up as they tore the wrapping paper off of each one. I loved watching them showing each other and making each other even more excited. They are obsessed with Super Mario at the moment and when they opened their Mario and Luigi tops, they, of course, put them straight on, along with their caps. I love that they have their little things that they are in to, this year it was very much Pokemon, Mario and Zelda. 

I wasn't very well over the two days of Christmas, but I still managed a bit of Christmas dinner! We had a vegan no-beef wellington this year with 'pups' in blankets and all fo the usual roast dinner bits. There was so much choice for non-meat eaters this year, we were spoilt for choice! We had bought a whole selection of incredible vegan and vegetarian buffet bits to have with family before we were informed we'd be in lockdown, but luckily we could freeze most of it and we had our own little buffet dinner on boxing day using some of the bits. From things I've seen and been reading about, it looks like 2021 is set to be another great year of new veggie and vegan products, which is amazing news! 

We watched some amazing films over Christmas staring with Elf on Christmas Eve. Ethan hadn't seen it before and he spent the whole time laughing! We always watched Jumanji which is such a classic! And for the first time, Adam and I watched Django Unchained - another fantastic movie! 

We played lots of games - we've been enjoying Ethans new Top Trumps cat game and also games on the switch like Smash Bro's and Mario Party as well as some board games including Jenga. What's been incredible is also watching Logan building all of his new Super Mario Lego sets, he built them all in just a few days mostly by himself and I can't believe how well he did for the fact he's only five! He's so good with Lego! It has filled up our entire breakfast bar and I have no idea where it's all going to live, but it makes him so happy. 

Editing my Christmas video back has put a huge smile on my face, as I said above, I have felt not quite myself with everything that is going on, including Brexit which it seems is going to have a negative affect on Adam's business, but my little clips from over Christmas have reminded me that there's so much to be thankful for and so much good. Life may not be quite normal at the moment, but there's still much magic in the everyday little things to be found. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2021 is kind to us all. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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