Getting Ready To Celebrate Christmas In A Pandemic - Christmas 2020

I can't believe we're here in December, already! This year has flown! I say it every year I know, but 2020 - the year of the coronavirus pandemic has been one of of the fastest I've ever known. The year has been an emotional rollercoaster full of restrictions, rules and lockdowns and so much of our 'normal' has disappeared (for now anyway) and in a way that's made the year pass by quicker. Days out and holidays just haven't really happened as much and the months have just ticked by. 

With Christmas just around the corner, we have something to look foward to, a slice of some sort of normality. Although it's not really normal, as even Christmas has restrictions and rules this year to try to keep everyone as safe as possible. We can choose to mix with two other households between 23-27 December, but even that comes with its risks. It's looking likely that I won't see my side of the family this year as they all work in settings where social distancing can't really happen and we want to try and be as safe as possible. So instead, we are planning to do a Zoom call between us instead. 

At the moment we plan to stick to seeing one other household - Adam's side of the family as they are all working from home which reduces the risk. It's such a hard choice for so many. On one hand there's the mental wellbeing side of wanting, after a year of mostly being at home unable to see family, to see them at Christmas at least, but on the other hand you're also very aware that the virus won't be having a day off on Christmas day! We've been given the rules and advice from our government and I think it's a personal choice for people, one they shoudn't be judged on as long as they are within the rules. 

It's not ideal, but to put it frankly - it is what it is and the promise of a vaccine in the new year seems to be ever-increasing. So we can but wait and try to stay as safe as we can, whilst also balancing our mental wellbeing. 

I think this year, more than ever, we need to remember to be kind to ourselves. There's been a lot happening that is out of our control and we've adapted as we've needed to. Financially it's been harder for so many and sadly so many businesses large and small have had to shut down. It's important to allow ourselves to have moments where we don't feel quite ourselves because this year hasn't been 'quite itself'. But it's also so important to remember to focus on the things that we can control and try to find joy and positivity in the everyday sort of things. 

I'm going to end this post on something that I wrote and shared on my Instagram page yesterday because it feels very fitting to this blog post.... 

"It’s okay if you don’t feel super twinkly right now, it’s okay if you don’t have your Christmas tree up yet, or an elf on your shelf. It’s okay if you forgot the advent calendars this morning, its okay not to do all of the Christmas crafts and the Christmas baking. And it’s also okay if you want and are doing all of these things. 

We create our own magic, and to do that we have to throw kindness around like it’s confetti to ourselves as well as others. So take the time out for you, look after your well-being, lose the guilt, recognise all of the wins, even the ones that you think are small. Pat yourself on the back for getting through situations you didn’t think you would. This year has been and is far from normal, allow yourself to feel how you feel, but don’t lose sight of the magic inside of you." 

However you are going to be celebrating Christmas this year, I truly hope it is as lovely as it can be for you and your family! <3 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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