Our Christmas Home Decor 2020

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I really can't believe it's just 16 days until Christmas Day! I swear it was summer just last month?! Christmas has well and truly arrived in our home, we decorated the last week of November as we have been really looking forward to having something to look forward to after this strange old year. And as is the same every year, the Christmas tree and decorations have added an extra warm and cosy feeling to our home. 

Much of our decorations are the same as last year, though I did buy the boys their own mini Christmas trees for the rooms to make their rooms feel even more magical and cosier for Chistmas. They were only £5 from Asda and came pre-lit, so a complete bargain! 

I absolutely love the festive backgrounds that you can get to go on the TV, they are such an easy way to add some festivity to a room. You can find Christmas backgrounds on YouTube and stream it through your TV that way or you can search 'fireplace' on Netflix and there's a crackling fireplace video on there which is so lovely to have on this time of year.

This year Adam and I put the tree up, we've had the same artifical tree for a few years now and whilst the box it lives in for the rest of year is in tatters, the tree itself has served us well and we love it. I personally prefer an articial tree as it's so much less expensive and can be used over and over again. 

It was so lovely to decorate the tree with the boys! Ethan got stuck straight in and Logan ran upstairs to make his own paper Mario bauble for the tree! Everything is about Super Mario at the moment for Logan, he is obsessed and so he of course had to add a touch of Mario to the tree!

Instead of a trip to the pantomime this year as their school trip the boys had someone come into the school to do a bauble making workshop and they made the two baubles below. I have to say as much as I love a pretty tree, there really isn't anything quite as nice as homemade baubles and decorations for the tree from the boys! 

It took quite a while to find matching PJs for the boys this year as everyone had the same idea and bought online because of the national lockdown. But I eventually found these lovely pjs that were also reduced. They are pretty much exactly what I had wanted, as they are very much like mine and Adams own matching PJs and the ones that the boys used to have before they outgrew them. I know that I won't always get away with matching family pjs as the boys get older and think it's not very 'cool', so I've got to do whilst I can! 

I am so happy that I decided to buy this festive bedding set last year, I got it from Dunelm Mill for less than £15 for a kingsize and it's the perfect way to bring a bit of Christmas spirit to our bedroom! I love it so much. This year we also added some fairy lights around the room, they may be a little 'much' haha, but we always watch TV in bed at night before we go to sleep and so it's just nice to have some fairy lights up around the room for christmas. 

This year is Rosie's first Christmas with us! We got her at the end of September after losing our precious Sammy. Rosie is the sweetest little kitten and has really helped to heal our hearts! 

I'm really shocked that she's not pulled the tree down already though! She's had a few baubles, and she munched her way through a set of fairy lights I bought a month or so ago, but so far the tree still stands! 

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen/dining area as a family and so we always like to add a few decorations to the kitchen too to make it feel festive. 

One of my favourite recent purchases is the below fake woodburner from Aldi, it was just £10 and it looks amazing on in the evening and so realistic. Not bad for a battery-operated woodburner! 

And below are the two trees that I bought for the boy's bedrooms this year! They are amazing for just £5 each and they look so cosy on in the evenings. 

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of our Christmas home decor for this year! 

I've shared a decorate with us style video where you can see some more of our decor over on my youtube channel. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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