10 Benefits of Wearing Your Newborn in a Baby Carrier

Wearing your newborn in a baby carrier isn’t for everyone, but there are several ways it can benefit both the parents and baby. Carrying your baby is a normal part of living with a newborn, and baby carriers make it that much easier. They help with nursing, leave your hands free to take on chores and other activities and make you more mobile as a parent. Studies have shown that babies also benefit from being in a carrier or sling. It helps soothe them and even improves cognitive development. Here are ten benefits of babywearing.

Great for mums on the go

A baby carrier is one of the essential products for newborns, especially for mums on the go. You can get more easily from A to B without having to push a pram around. You can pop out to the shops and still manage to carry bags on the way home. You’ll have your hands free and it makes traveling with a baby that little bit easier. Baby carriers also give you more peace of mind when you’re out. People will be less inclined, and less able, to touch your baby and you’ll have them strapped securely to your body at all times. 

You can do exercise with your baby

If you have a Summer Baby Carrier you can even potentially exercise with your baby. You can go out for walks or even do some gentle exercise classes from home. Your baby will be securely attached to you at all times. There are plenty of babywearing workouts available online to try. Remember to take it easy if you’re a new mother, however. Always speak to your doctor first and make sure you’re ready to start getting back into your fitness routine. 

Bond with your baby

Wearing your baby is also a nice way to form a bond with your baby. You’re more likely to spend more time talking and interacting with them which can be beneficial for both parents and your baby. During the crucial bonding time after they’re born, you can respond more quickly to their cues and act according to their needs. It’s great for first-time parents who are still learning the ropes about parenting. 

Babies in carriers tend to cry less

Several studies have shown that babies in carriers tend to cry less. This, of course, depends on the innate personality of your baby, but being close to your body does soothe them. You can even wear your baby during their naptime and they’re likely to sleep more soundly next to the warmth of your body.  

Promotes healthy digestion

The position of babies in carriers can also help to improve digestion in babies. It helps with normal digestive issues in newborns such as colic and refluxes. Due to their upright position, it can actually improve their metabolism and solve problems with indigestion. Babies also benefit from a better posture and learn to use their muscles in order to balance more quickly. 

Enhances learning and cognitive development

There has also been some research into babywearing and newborn cognitive development. If babies spend less time crying, they can focus more on learning and development. They have more opportunities to interact with their environment as well. While you’re wearing your baby, they are more able to see and hear what you do and are more involved in your everyday activities. This is a positive learning experience for them.

Better for nursing

Wearing your baby gives you the option to nurse them more discreetly. Nursing is also a little easier, not only in public, as the sling provides your baby with the support you need while you focus on feeding them. The baby carrier takes the weight of the baby so you can use both hands while breastfeeding. Nursing can be a challenging experience for many parents with newborns. Here are some other breastfeeding tips for parents with newborns.

Keep your hands free

The main advantage of wearing your newborn in a baby carrier is that you can keep your hands free, pretty much at all times. This gives you more freedom to do household chores such as cooking or cleaning, or even socialise and go out with friends. More importantly, if you have more than one child your hands will be free to take care of their older siblings. Baby carriers can be a great help to parents with more than one child per household. You can quite easily hold hands with an older toddler while knowing that your newborn is tucked safely in the carrier. 

Good for mother’s wellbeing

Wearing your newborn in a baby carrier is also beneficial to the parents, particularly first-time mothers. There have been studies that have shown that it could alleviate post-partum depression. It gives new mums a little more sense of confidence and feeling of safety. Wearing your baby also gives you more opportunities to socialise where otherwise it might not seem worth it or practical to take them out of the house in a pram. Babywearing also increases skin-to-skin contact which has many benefits for newborns. This allows you to bond with your baby more quickly and has also been known to help reduce the risk of post-partum depression. 

Any member of the family can wear the baby

One of the best things is that baby carriers aren’t just for mothers. Any member of the family can potentially carry a newborn in this way. It’s a nice opportunity for fathers to develop the same bond early on with their newborn as well, and partners, friends, or family can also wear the baby in the carrier. It’s useful for anyone in charge of babysitting as it can be incredibly soothing for the baby and the adult involved. 

Choosing whether to wear your newborn in a baby carrier is a personal preference. If it works for you, then there can be many advantages you both can benefit from. For many parents, it’s a mix of convenience and comfort for both themselves and the baby.

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