Autumn Flavors: 7 Perfect Tea Flavors to Welcome the Autumn Season

Autumn is characterised by cooler temperatures which are sometimes unpredictable. It is the perfect time to sit on a sofa covered in a warm blanket as you enjoy your favorite cup of tea. Slowly sip in your warm tea as you enjoy the view of yellow, orange and red leaves falling lifelessly from the trees. Additionally, autumn or fall is a harvest season making it the perfect time to enjoy different tea flavors freshly harvested from the farms. If you are wondering which autumn tea to try then you are in the right place. With this list of autumn drink flavors you will have something new to try in your kitchen.

Perfect Tea for Autumn

Today’s market is flooded with different types of tea that vary depending on their place of origin, flavouring component and the oxidation period. The hundreds of varieties available may make it hard for you to decide which one to try and which one to leave out. Here is a list of some perfect autumn-inspired drinks that you should consider trying;

Apple Spice

If you love apples, then you will love the taste of this autumn tea. It has a slightly sweet and tart note, which pairs well with a dash of cinnamon sugar. You can make it using apple-based tea bags spiced up with orange peels, cinnamon and cloves. Additionally, if you are lucky enough to have apples on your farm, you can walk in, pick some, pulverize them and add a dollop of the resulting puree to your latte for a rich apple autumn tea flavor. The scent from a cup of apple spice drink is similar to that of an apple orchard; you can’t resist it!


Generally, there is no maple tea, but you can add maple syrup to your preferred drink to achieve an autumn tea flavor. When added to black or oolong tea, maple syrup offers a unique touch of sweetness that livens them. Besides, if you live in regions where maples grow, such as Canada, you can add a fun activity to your autumn schedule. This activity includes tapping the maple trees to get fresh maple syrup for your autumn drink.

Cinnamon Spice

Cinnamon spice brew is another perfect tea for autumn season. If you are new to spiced drinks, then this will offer a great start for you. It is a perfect blend of black tea, cinnamon, sweet cloves, and orange peels. It is sugar-free and this is a plus if you are on a diet. A hot cup of this drink will help you counter the autumn cold.

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin dominates the autumn season ranging from home scents to pumpkin bread and now to the tasty pumpkin spice drink. This blend perfectly brings together the pumpkin flavor into one cup. Autumn would not be complete without trying out this flavor. You will love the red color from a perfect combination of pumpkin flavors and extra spices such as cinnamon and cloves. A warm cup of this brew will give you the warmth that makes you forget you are in fall, making it the ideal tea for autumn season.

Cranberry Autumn

Most people prefer to take cranberry tea for autumn season owing to its rich fruity flavor and strong aroma. This brew is a blend of black tea with cranberries, orange pieces, hibiscus, and cranberry and orange flavors. It has a smooth delicious autumn flavor, with an irresistible aroma that fills the entire room. You cannot resist this spicy blend of flavors. 

Indian spiced Chai 

If you are a fan of spices, then you should try out this drink before fall comes to an end. Similar to pumpkin spice brew, you prepare it from black loose leaf tea with additional spices. The spicy ingredients are cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper and cardamon. You can also add other spices such as star anise and allspice. Additionally, you can add a touch of milk to give it a creamy texture. This drink has a spicy, smoky aroma and flavor from cardamon and cloves, perfect for the fall season.


Autumn being a harvest season means that pomegranates are available in plenty. You can turn them into ingredients for a tasty drink for fall by adding them to your favorite brew. Generally, pomegranate has a slightly sweet and sour fruity taste and, therefore, adds a sweet and tart note to your drink. This perfect blend will calm your nerves down and give you that autumn tranquil mood.


Autumn is the season to give your taste buds something new to sample. It is the perfect time to turn most spices into staple ingredients for autumn tea to give your fall experience a new twist. Fall exposes you to different drinks, leaving you spoilt for choices. You can get different types of tea from online tea and coffee shop operating within your locality.

From apple spiced to maple and cinnamon-spiced tea, you have many new flavors to try out. Besides, you can enjoy these autumn drinks with your favorite cake or bread to give a more fulfilling satisfaction. Give your autumn experience a new twist by trying any of the above drinks!

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