The First Few Weeks With Our Kitten Rosie

If you follow me over on Instagram then you will have already met the newest member of our family, but I think it's about time that I introduce Rosie, our new kitten here on my blog too. 

So here she is, our little Rosie Roo who quite honestly stole our hearts the very same minute that we brought her home. She’s brought us, and me especially, so much happiness and it’s almost like she was always meant for us. She has the most adorable personality, is so chilled out and hasn’t stopped snuggling me since she got here. She lets me carry her around in one arm and just falls asleep there!

My heart was hurting a lot after losing Sammy, I really felt a piece of me was missing. I’d go upstairs to an empty bed (my other 3 are a lot more independent than Sammy was) and it made my heart hurt. I knew nothing would bring Sammy back, despite how much I wanted it to. And so I decided to get Rosie to help me feel whole again. And honestly, I’m so glad we did because she's really helped to heal the pain of losing Sammy.

Rosie has been getitng on so well since she arrived. I worried that she may be a bit timid but she has such a bold, confident little personality despite being so tiny. She isn't phased at all by the bigger cats and just wants to play with them whenever they come in. She is amazing around Ethan and Logan and isn't phased when they are noisy or when they pick her up. She loves to cuddle and play and seems so content with her home and us. 

I will never forget the first night of the day that she arrived, her falling asleep in my arms in bed with her head all the way backwards. She obviously felt safe with me and trusted me right away and I just couldn't get over how lovely that was. 

She is such a special little cat and I am SO SO SO thankful that we've been brought together. She makes me incredibly happy every single day! 

Thank you for reading. 
   Alex xo

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