5 Things That You MUST Do In Dubrovnik, Croatia

I honestly can't believe that it's been nearly two years since Adam and I went to Dubrovnik in Croatia! We were lucky enough to go for Adam's 30th birthday and just as a couple as Adam's Mum volunteered to look after our boys back at home. And honestly, the whole trip was incredible! We went for four days and each day was just as amazing as the one before. Today I thought I'd share a post about some of our favourite things that we did in Dubrovnik so that if you're visiting anytime soon you know exactly what you MUST see!

1. Visit Old Town 
I said it before but, stepping into Dubrovnik's Old Town or Walled City as it is also known is like stepping into another world. Inside those walls, there really is a charm to be found like nowhere else in my opinion. 

Following the many alleyways and the narrow streets off of the main walkway and going up and down the different steps and levels leads to you to discover new and exciting places that you don't expect. Exploring this city is so much fun, there are so many spots tucked away and hidden gems to find. It's like stepping back in time, but in the best way possible. There are so many picturesque spots and places to soak in the atmosphere, it was one of my favourite things about Dubrovnik for sure and it is truly hard to put Old Town's charm into words. 

2. Walk the Walls
Whilst in Old Town you have to walk the walls around the city, even if you're afraid of heights like I was. I honestly didn' think it was for me as I have such a fear of being up high, but I did it and within minutes my fear had gone. The beauty around you and the views are breathtaking it's like you forget about the height. I seriously recommend walking the walls at sunset for the most magical and special experience. 

3. Dinner outside in the alleys / small streets of the walled city
There was nothing more romantic for us than sitting outside on a warm evening with a candle on our table or fairy lights above us with a bottle of wine and good food. It was so different and so utterly charming. The restaurants off of the main walkways are cheaper and it all feels more cosier (in a good way) too! 

4. Take a Sunset cruise and have dinner on board the Karaka
One of the highlights of our own trip to Dubrovnik was definitely booking a sunset excursion with dinner on the Karaka ship - it was such a magical, unique experience. We had two hours of cruising around the Lokrum Island and Old Town, a welcome drink of champagne, an extra drink of our choice, a buffet-style dinner (though they made us our own very tasty vegetarian risotto) and also the most incredible views of the sun setting in the distance. We've never done anything like it before - it was so romantic and a very special experience. It's not cheap, but considering you get the cost of dinner and a drink included and it's a magical experience, it's very much worth doing! 

5. Take the cable car up Mount Srd
For some of the best views in Dubrovnik don't miss taking the cable car up Mount Srd or Srd Hil as it's also known - the views at the top are outstanding! Among other things, there is a war museum at the top, a shop and a really lovely looking Panorama restaurant and bar where you can have dinner or sit and have a cocktail with an utterly magnificent view! 

If you're thinking about booking a holiday to Croatia, I can't recommend Dubrovnik enough. It is a city that I am so, so happy that I got to visit, I want to recommend it to everyone. It's so hard to describe how much of a good time we had there, it was the perfect way to celebrate turning 30 and we made memories there that will stay with us for a lifetime. For more details about booking a trip to Croatia visit booking a trip to Croatia visit Voyage PrivĂ©

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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