How to Properly Care for Your Carpet

What is the best carpet cleaning technique you could use at home? Well, there is actually no general answer to this question, because not every carpet is the same and not every stain is removed in the same way. In the following article, we turn to the different possibilities of carpet care and the removal of stains from your carpet.

Basic Care of Carpets

Regular vacuuming of your carpets will remove the surface dirt and dust. Real carpet experts recommend working slowly and evenly, and in all directions. The experts say that rotating brushes are helpful. They reach into the pile, lifting it up, which ultimately ensures even more thorough cleaning. It makes less sense to use the normal brush function with standard vacuum cleaners.
How often should you vacuum a carpet? Experts argue because this is actually a question of one's own sense of hygiene. They do all agree that 2 times per week is the bare minimum, especially in a large city like London. The reason: the constantly accumulating house dust is bound in the carpet. The more often you vacuum your carpet, the less chance of dust mites appearing. This applies particularly to people who suffer from dust allergies.

Removing Stains from Your Carpet

You should only use stain removers or carpet foam if you cannot achieve success with clear water. Because stain removers and carpet foam can discolour the carpet. Therefore, it is best to test the effect beforehand on an invisible area or on a carpet residue. Then apply the detergent to the stain and massage it gently with a cloth. When using stain removers, follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and the carpet manufacturer's care instructions. You can pick up loosened dirt with the unused dry side of ​​the same cloth. Then clean the affected area with clear water and pat the stain dry with a kitchen towel.
As an alternative to chemical cleaners, you can try carpet cleaning with a harmless home remedy. Salt and baking soda, in particular, are popular home remedies. 

Domestic carpet cleaning with baking soda: sprinkle the powder on the carpet, work in with a scrubbing brush, leave to work overnight and then vacuum thoroughly.

Domestic carpet cleaning with salt: Did you know that you can clean your carpet with simple table salt from your kitchen cupboard? Work in damp salt into the carpet with a soft brush. However, do not use too much water for it. When you are done, you can vacuum the carpet. That’s all! However, keep in mind that salt can bleach. That is why it is important to work carefully with this method. 
Salt is an excellent product for coping with red wine stains! The natural substance absorbs liquids and quickly pulls out the red color. You have to pour out plenty of it. Once the first wetness has been absorbed, you simply leave the salt in for several hours or overnight and then take it up with the vacuum cleaner or brush it out the next day.

Domestic carpet cleaning with carbonated mineral water: The cleaning procedure works best while the coffee stain is still fresh. First, the carpet is dabbed with a cloth or piece of kitchen paper to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. This prevents the coffee stain from spreading even further. Then you gently soak the stain with a little carbonated mineral water and dab it again. Under no circumstances should you rub hard so that the coffee liquid does not penetrate deeper into the fabric. If there is no mineral water in the house, dabbing with lukewarm water to which a little washing-up liquid has been added can be successful. Vinegar water can also be used instead of detergent. However, this is only recommended for very light carpets, as vinegar removes the colour from textiles.

Domestic carpet cleaning with a glass cleaner: if the coffee stain has already dried up, you need to try some of the following methods. The standard product is, of course, conventional carpet cleaner, which can be bought in spray form in any convenience store. If this does not fulfil its purpose, dabbing it with alcohol, glass cleaner, glycerin or gall soap should be helpful. While alcohol and glass cleaner can be used undiluted, the bile soap and glycerin must first be dissolved in a little water. 

Steam carpet cleaning: deep carpet cleaning with a steam cleaner is also possible with short and long pile carpets. Since the steam cleaner sprays very hot steam with pressure, it is important to handle the carpet carefully. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for the carpet and the steam cleaner, attach a microfibre cloth to the cleaning device and set the steam power and quantity to the lowest level. 
If you do not know how to use such equipment, you should best contact professional carpet cleaning company. For sure, you can find several providers of steam carpet cleaning services, which operate in your area at very decent prices.

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