Three Flourless Italian Desserts to Try At Home

Panic buying toilet paper seems to have stopped but self-raising flour is still sold out nearly everywhere! 

Despite this, with more time at home lots of us still want to be able to get creative in the kitchen and so today, I thought I would share 3 easy and delicious Italian desserts from the web, which don't require self-raising flour to make.

Let me know in the comment section below if you've tried any of these before and if so which is your favourite! 

1) Lemon Tiramisu

In this recipe video from TV chef Gino D'Acampo, Gino prepares a tiramisu with a twist - using lemons and limoncello. This dessert will have you dreaming of sunny Italian holidays. For an alternative recipe take a look at this one from goodhousekeeping.com.

2) Pastiera  

In this recipe video Gino D'Acampo shows how to make his favourite old fashioned pastiera recipe, a raspberry and orange baked cheesecake! Soft, not too sweet and super tasty! You can also find his recipe over on his official website.

3) Panforte

In this recipe video from Gino, he rustles up a traditional local dessert called panforte. Watch to the end to see how tasty it looks! And check out bonappetit.com for a delicious looking hazelnut panforte recipe! 

So there you have it - 3 Italian delicious desserts that you can make very easily without flour! 

Which one do you think you'd enjoy the most? 

For more tasty recipe ideas you can find Gino's bestsellers at The Works, alongside a broad variety of discount baking books! 
Thank you for reading. 

  Alex xo

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