Loving Your Body and Finding Time to Care for It as a Busy Mum

Being a mum is never easy and you probably don’t need to be told how difficult things can be at times either. It is so easy to forget about your own self when you are in the middle of handling so many responsibilities simultaneously, but even mums need to love their body and care for themselves too. Difficult as it may be, we are going to discuss a few simple ways in which to find the time and care for your body in the way that it deserves.
Exercise for 15 Minutes a Day
Find just 15 minutes in the morning before you start your busy day ahead, or do it in the evening if you find that time slot to be more convenient. Switch to HIIT or high-intensity interval training instead of the treadmill or jogging and those 15 minutes per day will be enough for you to stay fit, beautiful, and strong, even amidst your super busy schedule.

Massage Your Neck for Just a Few Minutes Everyday
There are two prime advantages to just 5 – 10 minutes of neck massages every day:
  1. It can relax you in seconds
  2. When massaged with a neck firming cream, it can smoothen signs of ageing such as fine lines, folds, and wrinkles
This white truffle and probiotic cream is a good treatment for neck firming and smoothing the signs of ageing quite effectively. It only takes a few minutes to apply before bedtime and then you can go to sleep after the massage at night.
Bring the Spa at Home
Going to the spa can be expensive over the course of time, and due to the current social distancing measures, they may not even be a feasible option for many. Besides, taking a day or two off per week to go to the spa is just not something that is easy to maintain for someone who is already busy with more pressing needs! Therefore, bring the spa home by following a few simple steps.
  • Light a few scented candles with essential oils of eucalyptus, orange flower, or jasmine in them
  • Prepare a hot bubble bath in the tub, with mineral salts and essential oils
  • Turn on music that you find soothing, preferably instrumental
  • Get in that mineral bath with your favourite
    book and enjoy 30-minutes of pure bliss
Your own personal spa could be readied in minutes and taking half an hour to an hour in the bathroom twice a week is definitely achievable most weeks.
Exfoliate Twice a Week
Use something as gentle as micellar water as your cleansing agent because chemicals tend to damage the new, healthy layers of the epidermis under the dead cells. As we get older, the need to exfoliate becomes direr. If you can follow up that exfoliation schedule with a hydrating session right after with something like Coenzyme Q10, for example, get ready to see a newer, younger, more supple, and less lined face in your bathroom mirror. Speaking of minutes, this whole process should take only 15-minutes to half an hour at most, which is easy to fit into your day.
Even though it is only natural to feel old after a certain number of years has passed and your children have grown up quite a bit, that is not necessarily how it has to be. A mum is a woman first and as long as she never falls out of love with her own body, rest assured that she can look radiant for years to come. With a little help, of course!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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