5 Things To Consider When Designing A Playroom For Your Children

5 Things To Consider When Designing A Playroom For Your Children

If you're fortunate enough to have space in your home for a playroom for your children it can be a lot of fun designing the space! Of course, you'll want to make it a fun area for your kids to enjoy, but you will also no doubt want to get the best use of space out of the room as you can. If you're currently planning a playroom in your home or even planning a redesign of an exisiting one, then here are a few ideas to help you achieve the perfect play space for your kids. 

1. Think about the flooring

It can be easy to overlook the sort of flooring that you might choose for your playroom, but it's important not to, especially if you have younger children. Younger children are more likely to sit and play on the floor and so ideally you'd want the floor to be as soft as possible. So perhaps carpet may be a good option? Alternatively, if you already have a harder floor, like wooden or laminate floor, you could think about adding a rug or playmat to the area. If you did decide to change the flooring, you could always find a local tradesman to do the job for you. 

2. A playroom and a guest room in one

 If you are choosing to use the spare room in your house as a playroom, you could consider adding a sofabed to the room. The sofabed will give you and your children somewhere to sit and relax whilst you're in the playroom and it will also give you the option to turn the playroom into a guest room when people come to stay as well as somewhere for your children's friends to sleep when they have sleepovers. 

3. Maximise your storage ideas

When it comes to storage don't be afraid to use the height of the room to maximise your storage, but do bear in mind what you're child will and won't be able to reach. The safest and most played with toys should be towards the bottom and the toys that may need adult supervision could be placed towards the top of the units. Our absolute favourite shop for great toy storage is IKEA, we love their KALLAX units and we've recently just bought their Trofast storage unit for all of our little boys Lego and it really is the best lego storage we've found so far. 

4. Think about how your children play

What I mean by this is think about what your children enjoy playing with most. Do they like playing with cars and trains? If so, think about how to include ample space for them to play trains and cars somewhere in the room. Is there floor space for them to set up a train track? Or could you invest in a train/car play table for them to have space to do that? If they enjoy reading, but you don't have space in the room for a sofa, think about perhaps adding some pillows and/or a beanbag and making a sort of reading corner for them. 

5. Design with colour

You may use a single clour palette for the rest of your home, but when it comes to the playroom, design with colour to make the room as fun as possible. If you don't want to paint the walls bright, perhaps add brightly coloured decor pieces like rainbows in or even think about adding some colourful decals to the wall! 

I hope these tips have been helpful. I hope you have fun planning and designing your children's playroom! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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