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It might seem strange for me to tell you that I am an introvert considering that I share so much of my life online via my blog, my youtube channel and my social media platforms. But in a funny old way, this is probably the perfect sort of job and hobby for an introvert like me. It allows me connect with like-minded people all over the world in a way that I feel comfortable and it also allows me to withdraw whenever I need to.

As an introvert, I love nothing more than deep and meaningful conversations and I much prefer one on one interaction over groups. I am so much happier pondering life questions than I am talking about the latest fashion or newest handbag. And whilst I was planning content last week I thought why not sit down and chat through some deep and meaningful questions? And so I created 'The Introvert Tag'. I've got 14 questions that as an introvert spark my interest. I filmed my answers to these questions over on YouTube, but I thought I'd share them here too for those of you who prefer to read blogs over watching videos. I'd love to know your answers too, so if you've got a blog please do join in and if you don't then please feel free to pick a few favourite questions and answer them in the comment section. :)

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

I think the true meaning of life is to be able to get to the end of your life, look back and say that you were happy and that you made others happy and had a positive impact on someone/something. I don't mean being happy every single day of your life or living a perfect life full of no regrets, because that's just not possible, but to be able to say that on the whole you were happy, content and made memories that you cherish. 

Is It Worse To Fail Or Never Try At All? 

Absolutely to never try at all. There would always be that 'What if?'. Failing, even though we associate it to be such a negative thing, actually in the long wrong does make us stronger. Failing teaches us to pick ourselves back up again. We learn life lessons. We learn how to deal with hard and difficult situations. So, in my opinion, there's always something positive to be taken out of things not working out. 

When Do You Feel The Most Confident?

I feel so much more confident since becoming a Mum, not just in a defensive way over my family, it's but also in a more content, wholesome way. I would do things now that I maybe would have avoided before due to lack of confidence. 

What Makes You Most Uncomfortable? 

I really dislike arrogance. I find it really uncomfortable, I think there's a line between being proud and then being really arrogant about something. I also find group social interaction a little uncomfortable, not in the same negative way as I do arrogance, simply in a I feel myself sort of retreating in to myself way, I feel the opposite when I am talking to just one person though, I start to really come out of my shell. 

Of course, things like rudeness, discrimination and bullying also make me extremely uncomfortable. I often find it really hard not to speak up if I see any of this going on. 

What’s The One Thing That Should Be Taught In School That Isn’t? 

I think it would be good to see things like information around politics being taught in schools. We teach religion in a non-bias way so I feel the same could be true for politics. It's important that we use our vote and all understand why we should make the use of it and know about the people that gave their lives to ensure that people today could have their say. It would be great to see some advice being given to pupils about managing money and the importance of budgeting too. 

What’s The Thing You Most Want To Achieve Before You Die? 

Quite honestly, I want to grow old with Adam (my Husband) and see my boys turn into respectful men with their own happy families. I want to see them achieve the things that they want to. I just really want to keep a fantastic relationship with both of my boys. I would like to see them often even when they have their own families and of course, I want to continue to have a great relationship with my Husband. 

What Do You Think Your Worst Trait Is?

At times I lack self-esteem - it's something I try to work on all of the time. A lot of it comes from putting way too much pressure on myself, I need to give myself a massive break sometimes. It's a funny one because I am actually really happy with myself and the way I live my life, but yet I get myself into a bit of a state sometimes and can be hard on myself when I shouldn't be.  I can also be quick to react to things and get defensive quickly, I'm also working on that! 

What’s Your Greatest Accomplishment So Far? 

Asides from my relationship with my Husband and our two children, I think it's working for myself and doing what I do as a job every day. I’ve learnt so many skills, I've earned a really good income. I've also been able to enjoy some wonderful experiences and connect with some amazing people all over the world. And of course, see so much of my family whilst doing it. 

Do You Believe In True Love?

100%! I met my Husband when we were in school and even though it sounds so corny, I honestly just knew he was 'the one' and I wasn't even looking for 'the one'! We've been together 18 years this year and I am still madly in love with him! There's nothing quite like seeing an elderly couple walking down the street hand in hand is there?

What Do You Think Are The 5 Most Beautiful Things In The World? Why?

In no particular order, children's laughter - is there anything better than seeing your children happy and laughing? Love because true love is pure and amazing. The sun because it's stunning especially at sunrise and sunset. Animals - it's so incredible to live alongside another species. And creativity, because where would be we without it? 

What Memory Instantly Makes You Smile? 

I am lucky to have so many memories I cherish and look back on fondly, having my children and marrying my Husband are obviously among the best. I also have a memory that always makes me feel instantly happy from when we went to Walt Disney World, Florida in 2016. 

We'd been invited as guests of Disney themselves as an incredible opportunity through my blog and we were sat one evening in this amazing Disney restaurant having dinner and drinks when one of the Disney PR team asked if we'd like to go in their amphicar. I had no idea what it was, but it turned out to be a car that drove straight out onto the lake in Disney next to the restaurant. It was such a surreal, magical moment being out on that lake in the amphicar. All of the lights around the park were lit up and we'd just witnessed a couple get engaged, it was such a pinch myself moment, that I always feel so incredibly lucky to have been able to experience. 

What Makes You Most Angry About Our Country?

I am passionate about animal welfare and would love to see more rights for animals and laws around their protection. Even though we generally are a country of animal lovers, I don't think animals have enough protection currently. 

Is There Anything You’re Obsessive-Compulsive About? 

I know some people really do suffer with OCD and I'm not someone that has been diagnosed with OCD, but I do have a habit of over checking that my straighteners are turned off and that the doors in my house are locked in the evenings. I am a bit of a worrier and always worry about safety! 

Where Do You Think We Go When We Die?

I'm really open-minded about this. A part of me thinks that when we die, we just die and that's it. But then I'm also not closed off to the idea of spirits and energies, because who really knows until we get there? My online friend recently did a spiritual reading for me, where she seemingly communicated with my real Dad and some of the things that she said he was telling her were things that she couldn't have known. It was like he was really there talking to her! So that definitely made me more open-minded!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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