Kinds of Flowers for a New Baby

A newborn in a family is the apple of the mum’s eyes and the beat of the dad’s heart. Everything turns brighter, fresher and more alive with happiness when there’s a baby in your life, even before its arrival. Oh, and more sensitive too!
So, how do you celebrate such a precious gift of life? Which sort of gift items let you express just how happy you are to welcome the newborn in your cosy circle? Well, you can never go wrong with flowers.
Flowers radiate the purest form of joy and blessings with their vibrant colours and sweet scent. Fresh flowers are as innocent as the new baby and full of promises for a blooming future. 
But then, what flowers should you pick? Should your choice vary whether it’s a boy or girl? 

Do you go for assembly of blue or pink flowers only? Or is it better to opt for neutral colours like yellow and white? 
Roses or daisies? 
Which is more appropriate — single flower arrangement of multiple varieties in one bouquet? 
And here’s the most pressing concern – which flowers would not affect the baby’s (or the would-be mum’s) delicate senses?
Questions! Questions! Questions! 
If you are struggling to reach a decision over such a sensitive issue, let’s help you out right now. There are traditional options that you can follow to be on the safe side. Or, you can simply select the flowers that speak to your heart.
Read on for practical suggestions and ideas on choosing the right flowers for a new baby.
Say It with Roses
Be it a boy or a girl, nothing beats the pleasure of receiving roses as a gift. Say your congratulations and send best wishes with the roses’ warm colours and beautiful fragrance, any time of the year. You can stick to the pink, purple and pastel colour palette if it’s a girl. And opt for yellows and blues for a baby boy. Or just ditch the traditions and go for an assortment of different colour roses complimenting each other, whether or not you know the baby’s gender. It would be the perfect gift for a soon-to-be mother as well. For it’ll remind her of the endless possibilities in which her life is about to bloom with the baby’s arrival!
Let the Seasons Rule
Picking up a bunch of seasonal flowers is also a greatly rewarding decision. Let your gift mirror a bit of nature into the baby’s fresh, new world. Go for Delphiniums, Carnations, Tulips, Asters and such to greet a summer baby. Similarly, put together Hyacinths, Chrysanthemums, Peruvian Lilies, and Anemones to welcome a newborn in winter. Although, with advanced technologies, you might find various flowers available round the year, despite their original nature of seasonal blooms.
Go That Extra Mile with Flowers & Gift hampers
This is a gift idea that’s practical, worthwhile and most cherished, above all. Let the new parents feel your thoughtful presence through a nicely coordinated and decorated gift hamper. Along with your choice of flowers, put in baby clothes

, teddies or other baby toys, bibs, chocolates and even a bottle of champagne in the hamper! 
Do you find arranging that gift hamper a little too overwhelming now? 
Don’t sweat over it at all. Check out the delightful ideas from Pearsons new baby flowers  and find the most appropriate gift hamper per your requirement and budget. 
Picking up flowers with vivacious colours and mild scent is wisest considering a sensitive newborn or a would-be mum. Make sure you avoid any allergy triggers for either of them with your choice of flowers and that’s it! 
Let them enjoy the locally grown freshest flowers with same day delivery from Pearsons in and around Sydney. 

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