How to make a Valentine’s Day photo book

It is that time of the year again. Some love it, some dread it, some wave it off as a marketing gig; Valentine’s Day is around the corner. The day is meant to give us a chance to show our partner how much we appreciate them and perhaps give them a little something to show it. For years, decades even, chocolates and flowers have been the go-to gift for this day of love. Often this gives the impression that it was a last-minute buy and if we give it a little thought, it’s not very personal at all. Of course, flowers are beautiful and chocolates delicious, but if you want to make this Valentine’s Day count, you’d better keep looking. For anyone in need of some inspiration, here’s how you can make a Valentine’s Day photo book that will make a fantastic impression on your special someone.

1. Inspiration

Photo books are no longer just a collection of pictures framed by a cover. There are so many options and possibilities that it can be hard to make a decision. At the end of the day, it’s all about you and showing someone else what you feel for them. So if you need inspiration, have a look at your smartphone gallery and any other place you keep your photos. Scroll through your chat history and look for special moments in your relationship that will express how you feel. Make sure to take some screenshots of particularly memorable parts of your conversation – there’s no reason you can’t include them in the photo book!

2. Size matters?

Truly, it’s not always bigger is better. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about who spends more money or whose gift needs the larger box. Actually, a smaller photo book can be more impressive than a larger one. The point is to put love and effort into your project. I the end, it will be the content that counts, not the size. There are some great square formats for photo books that can give your pictures and stories the perfect frame. Of course that doesn’t mean that choosing an A3 photo book is categorically wrong. It’s just not really necessary. To find the right size, it’s easiest to check one of the deals websites. They give you a good overview of the available products and may even have a specific category for Valentine’s Day photo books. That way, you don’t have to check all websites individually and get a good deal at the same time.

3. Use your words!

Sure, a picture says more than a thousand words, but when it comes to love, words trump photos. The combination of pictures and words is the best way forward. Use the tools available and tell your partner what you love about them. Maybe even write a little poem or include quotations from their favourite writer or book to give your Valentine’s photo book that special something. A great idea is also to include a little story for each photo to remind your partner of why this picture means so much to you. 

4. Wrapping

If you really want to go all-out with your gift, the wrapping needs to be spot-on as well. Here you have another chance to put your photos to good use. Order a photo poster with your partner’s favourite photo of the two of you and use it to wrap your Valentine’s Day photo book. The paper is usually just thin enough to bend so it should be easy to do. 

5. Presentation

Just handing over a present is not very romantic. Perhaps surprise your partner when they get home from work with candles, rose petals, or a nice dinner. Or, if you’re going out, wait for them to go to the bathroom and then place it on the table for them to find. There are lots of ways to do this. The important part is making it a surprise and letting the atmosphere around you work its magic.
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a difficult matter at all. It doesn’t have to be a costly affair either. The important thing is to make your gift personal and express how you feel. That’s really all that counts on this special day of love.

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