Simple Steps to Creating a Distraction-Free Car Journey

We’ve all been in the same position where we need to nip to the supermarket or even further afield, but the younger members of the family don’t want to cooperate. During these times our patience can really be tested as what should be an easy trip, turns out to be a much more time-consuming task.
For any of you reading this post and able to drive, you’ll have been in the position where your attention isn’t completely on the road ahead and what’s around you. More often than not this is due to one reason; the children in the back are squabbling or asking you a million and one questions; meaning you’re looking over your shoulder or in your rear-view mirror.
Whether we’re turning to talk to a passenger in the vehicle or singing along to loud music, these actions won’t even cross our mind, however, they can cause serious repercussions.

It’s extremely important that we pay full attention when driving, mainly for the safety of you and your passengers. To see how easy it is to become distracted behind the wheel, Kwik Fit have created an interactive quiz to put your alertness to the test. After taking the test you get an understanding of how easy it is to take your eyes off the road, even if it is only for a matter of seconds.
With children alone playing their part is causing a distraction whilst driving, I wanted to share a few tips on how to create a stress-free journey and how to eliminate any potential distractions.
Make sure the children are occupied
If you’re setting off on a long car journey then it’s a good idea to make sure the smaller members of the family are kept entertained. Creating activity packs with colouring books and games will keep them busy and hopefully prevent them from becoming bored and agitated. 
Another handy tip for long journeys is to buy drinks and snacks before you set off. Travelling on motorways means you can stop at service stations if needed, however, their prices can be expensive. Taking your own snacks means not only will you save money; you’ll also avoid making unscheduled stops.
Keep your mobile out of sight
We all know the consequences of using a mobile phone whilst driving, but some drivers still take the risk. Even if it’s to glance at your mobile to see if a family member or friend has replied to your message, this could result in you causing a collision or being stopped by the police.
The best advice is to simply remove your phone from sight. If your mobile is kept in your pocket or handbag, you won’t have the urge to check it. If you do need to make an important call then make sure you’re connected to a hands-free device. This allows you to use your mobile in the safest way possible.
It really is important to create a distraction-free zone inside your vehicle whilst you’re driving. By doing this you are reducing the chances of a collision or even a brush with the law.
It would be great to hear if you took the #DrivenToDistraction test and the results you got.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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