How to Practice Self-Care After Giving Birth

Many pregnant women put all their energy and focus on the months until their child is born. Once the baby is born, the intensive care and focus we have for our body seems to disappear. We tend to accept bodily troubles after birth as a part of life, and many don’t have a postpartum plan in place. Us Mum’s need to realize that our mental and physical health matters just as much as our children’s health. Below is a self-care checklist of things that will refresh new mums.  

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There’s nothing more pleasant than getting yourself an iconic piece of jewellery from your favourite brand as a way of commemorating the newest member of your family. Not only diamonds are beautiful, but they are also timeless. For example, a piece of jewellery made from diamond will assist a new mum to feel loved, appreciated, and above all elegant. 

Eyelash extensions can significantly save much of your time, and saved time can be used to do other essential things for you or your newborn. Lash extensions look real and can last for 6 to 8 weeks. They are easily customisable until they fall out, just like our natural lashes usually do. After that, you just simply go every now and then for a refill. 

A spa day with your boyfriend or hubby is always a great way to relax the afternoon away. If you have a grandparent or friend desperate to babysit for a while, there is never a bad time to pamper yourself to a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial exfoliation, and hair services. Some times our body deserves a break. 

Treat yourself by cooking your favourite delicious meal. Make sure to cook a healthy meal with plenty of vitamins and such to help you feel reenergized and good about yourself.

Sign up for postpartum restorative yoga. Yoga will help you regain your strength, harmony, and awareness in both your body and mind. New mothers may struggle because of the physical exhaustion from labour and their new scars, but yoga is an excellent tool for staying healthy.

A woman’s emotional and physical needs are always there, and you super mums should pay special attention to your bodies after giving birth. Postpartum care is as critical as prenatal care for your body to heal. So, self-care needs to be driven from within you and fueled by self-love, and self-worth. You need some time to take care of yourself to make your life feel better, happier, and more efficient.

*Written by Mary Johnson

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