8 Meat Free Meals That I Love!

As you will know if you follow me over on my YouTube channel, I've been sharing a lot more vegetarian / meat-free content this year as it seems to be something that a lot of you are quite interested in. And so a little while ago I decided to start taking a quick snap of some of my favourite dinners to give you some meat-free meals ideas which I thought I would share here today. 

Please note I am so aware that these photos are not the greatest, most were taken in yellow light as the evenings are dark this time of year and most were taken on my phone. So even if the meals don't look the greatest, you'll have to trust me when I say they are really tasty! 

vegetarian Thai green vegetable curry

1. Thai green vegetable curry
This is one of my all-time favourite vegetarian meals. I'm a huge fan of curry and I also LOVE aubergine, so this is addictive! The recipe we use is from Gousto and it takes around 30 mins to make. If you try anything from these meal suggestions, try this! It's also plant-based! 

Portobello mushroom and halloumi burger

2. Portobello mushroom and halloumi burger 
We love a lot of the meat-free burgers and would say Linda McCartney non-meat burgers are our favourite, but for something different we love having a portobello mushroom and halloumi burger. We add lots to it such as gem lettuce, tomato, red pepper hummus and also red onion chutney and we tend to have it all in a brioche bun. On the side, we'll usually have chips or corn on the cob. 

Three cheese vegetable pasta bake

3. Three cheese vegetable pasta bake
We're huge pasta fans in this house and we really enjoyed this three-cheese pasta that we made the other day after somebody actually recommended it to me via my YT channel. It's another Gousto recipe - I'm so aware that this blog post is going to look like an Ad for Gousto because a lot of the recipes we recreate at home are Gousto recipes, but I promise you it's not. We genuinely just think that a lot of the Gousto recipes taste amazing!

 Quorn meat-free lasagne, vegetarian lasagne,

4. Quorn meat-free lasagne 
You will have to trust me on this because this quick photo that I took on my phone does not do this meal justice. Quorn lasagne is one of my favourite ever meals - it's such a comfort meal! If you love lasagne then try this recipe from Quorn because it is one of the nicest vegetarian meals that I've ever eaten!

One-pot Puttanesca

5. One-pot Puttanesca 
Another Gousto meal that we are in love with! I never used to like olives but this meal with garlic, capers, olives, chilli and tomato sauce is one of my favourite ever pasta meals. We have this a LOT. Recipe here

 Hawaiian Halloumi

6. Hawaiian Halloumi
This meal is a recipe from HelloFresh that we love. I am a big pineapple fan and I love the combination of the red pepper rice and the halloumi with the pineapple. It's such a simple, refreshing meal and we choose this quite a lot. 

Meat-free sausages, mash and veg

7. Meat-free sausages, mash and veg
Just to show you what a more traditional vegetable dinner looks like for us. This is a meal that we had recently where we tasted the new Richmond meat-free sausages which we found are very much like the real thing. The gravy we have is just the normal Bisto gravy that comes in a red pot. 

Tomato and asparagus risotto

9. Tomato and asparagus risotto
We've been having this risotto for years. I love tomatoes and asparagus and this always tastes amazing. The recipe that we love and use is from BBC Good Food (you can find it here). 

Please let me know if you have tried or try any of these and also if you'd like me to share some more of these sorts of blog posts. :)

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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