Accessible Bathroom Design Ideas

I talk a lot about home decor here on my blog, I love sharing tips that I've picked up over the years of renovating our family home. And today I've been asked bu Mobility-Plus to talk a bit about how I might style an accessible/inclusive bathroom for those with reduced mobility such as elderly family members or those with injuries, disabilities or conditions that make mobility more difficult. 

One thing I've noticed is that the options for accessible bathroom designs are continually growing and that's great to see. Not only are there many clever interesting products on the market to make independent living much easier these days, but there are also lots of choices to suit different styles so that accessible bathrooms designs can suit peoples decor tastes far better than they used to. 

When it comes to designing an accessible bathroom I think the first thing to look at would be space as that will determine things like whether or not a walk-in-bath would be an option or whether a walk-in-shower would suit the space better. 

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There are are many different types of styles of walk-in baths and walk-in showers available. The one above would be a great stylish option for those who may have trouble lifting their legs but still enjoy bathing laying down. 

Another accessible bathroom option is, of course, a wet room where space and utilities are a lot more accessible. I love the design of the bathroom below and the use of chrome rails which compliment the modern grey tiles (which are actually very similar to the ones that we have in our en suite in our home). 

Image source

I think it would be great to make use of either slimline or wall-hung cupboards for storage space. Wall hung cupboards can be fixed at different heights to suit individual needs and they also look modern in any bathroom and can be a great option to minimise any obstructions when moving around the bathroom. 

Then perhaps think about how you could include help from voice assisted home devices like Alexa that could potentially make things a bit easier. Technology is amazing these days and you can turn on things like the heating and the lights in a room using your voice or an app on your phone. 

My best piece of advice would be to choose your style to suit your taste. Just because your bathroom may be adapted to help with mobility, it doesn't mean not having a stylish bathroom. Modern and minimal bathroom styles will work best for an accessible bathroom to keep it as clutter-free as possible for more space to move around in. 

You could bring in more light with the use of mirrors and then choose trendy tiles that compliment your flooring (ensure this is as slip-free as possible). 

Also, bring in a touch of nature by adding some plants. If you're limited for space then you could have a ceiling hung plant added in. To make things easier this could be an artificial plant that doesn't require any looking after but still adds a touch of green to the space. There are some amazing artificial house plants these days (in fact my home is full of them and I love them!). 

 I hope these ideas have been helpful - have fun designing your stylish bathroom!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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