6 Gift Ideas to buy your Mum-friends this Christmas

If one of your close friends has had a baby, it’s only natural to want to spoil the new little bundle of joy. However, this festive period, ensure that your friend gets lots of treats too. Life will have changed quite dramatically for her since giving birth, and it’s important to remind her just how special she is, as well. Here are some of our favourite gift ideas to buy your mum friends this Christmas.

A comfortable pair of pyjamas
Pyjamas come in handy at all times of the day. Not only can your friend wear them to bed, but she can also put them on and wander around the house all day when she’s caring for her new baby. It’s time to treat her to some snug new PJs!
A fluffy eye mask
When your friend’s baby finally settles, she can get some sleep too. Because this may be during the day, you can help to ensure that she falls asleep easily by gifting her with an eye mask. That way, no sunlight will come through, and she will be able to get a well-deserved nap.
Luxurious bubble bath
When the baby is in bed and your friend gets at least half an hour to herself, encourage her to go for a nice, long soak in the bath by purchasing her some beautifully scented, relaxing bubble bath.
A gift card for her favourite shop
Since having her baby, there is no doubt that she spends all her money on her little darling, rather than treating herself to one or two new nice items once in a while. Ensure that that isn’t the case anymore by presenting her with a gift card for her favourite shop. No matter whether she wants some new underwear, a fabulous handbag, or a gorgeous pair of shoes, tell her it’s time to treat herself for a change. 
Her favourite tipple
Let your hair down together over Christmas and celebrate the festive period with a drink. Surprise her with some whisky miniatures and have a good catch up on everything that’s happened recently – she’ll certainly appreciate the adult company!
A weekend away
Tell your friend to get her partner on babysitting duty as you whisk her away for some fun! No matter whether it’s a night in the city or a weekend in the countryside, spend some quality time together and treat her to a peaceful weekend away – where she can also catch up on some sleep!
Make your mum-friends feel extra special this Christmas with these wonderful gift ideas.

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  1. Fab ideas! I would be so happy with all of these, especially the pj's x