Are you eligible for Child Tax Credits?

Child Tax Credits is a tax that’s available if you fit certain criteria’s and parameters. It’s a benefit that’s been put in place to help to support families earning lower than a certain wage and is designed to help parents with funding towards the costs of raising their child/children. 

Who is eligible to make a claim?
If you’re a family earning less than £42,000 a year collectively then you may be eligible to apply for this credit. Like with anything, there are several other factors but if you earn over this, you may as well rule yourself out now. The process is quick and simple though, so if you think you may be eligible, what’s stopping you?
There have been a few different criteria’s put in places other than financial circumstances to ensure it goes to people who truly need it. Sadly, you can’t claim it if your child is older than 16 years, they need to fall under that age bracket. You also can’t claim for more than 2 children. There are some exemptions to the rule, so it’s worth doing your research beforehand. 
How do I claim?
You can always get in touch with the Child Tax Credits customer services team who are always happy to help with any enquiries. You can also apply online, to make the process quicker you’ll need the following handy:
  • National Insurance Number
  • Proof of identity – passport, drivers licence etc
  • Proof of your annual income – this can be in the form of a P60 form or bank statement
You won’t be credited with any money before you’ve filled out all the relevant forms and documents. The quicker you get everything filled out, the faster you’ll receive the credit. It’s also backdated by up to 31 days if you were eligible to claim in those 31 days. 
Why is it worth applying for?
Child Tax Credits can help you raise your child in the best way you possibly can. You can put it towards the costs of food bills, school uniform amongst other things. There are sometimes hidden costs involved with having a child that you don’t realise until the time arises so this credit can go a long way. 

Hopefully, this post has helped answer any questions you have and made you realise that Child Tax Credits can be of great help to you. If you feel you’re eligible get in touch today and see how they can help you. 

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