7 Easy & Inexpensive Ways To Update Tired Looking Rooms In Your Home

In an ideal world, we'd all like the rooms in our homes to look and feel modern, fresh and clear, but sometimes a lack of time, energy and money get in the way and some rooms can end up feeling a little tired and outdated. Today I want to share a few easy and inexpensive ideas with you that can help make tired, outdated rooms feel instantly refreshed! 

1. Start with a clear out - Go through drawers, cupboards, wardrobes and assess what you actually need and want to keep. As Marie Kondo says - keep only the things that 'spark joy' in you or in the room and consider donating or recycling the things that no longer do. 

2. Upcycle tired-looking furniture - So your beside cabinets might look tired and dated, but you might be amazed what a lick of paint could do! Have a look around your home and see if there's any furniture that you could upcycle to give it a bit more life. Remember that you can change handles and door knobs too quite easily and inexpensively.

3. Whilst we're on the subject of paint - are there any rooms in your home that could benefit from a fresh coat of paint? It might sound boring, but I personally love to paint the room's in our home off-white colours as I feel that it really helps to open up the room, bring in more light and make it feel bigger than it is. 

4. Accessorise - You can accessorise rooms with colourful prints, ornaments, plants, mirrors and more to bring an instant bit of character to them. Lionshome, the online interior design experts, have many different ideas for home accessories to help bring a room to life and add some character and personality.

5. Bring the outside inside - Indoor plants always help to make a room feel fresh and modern. They are inexpensive to pick up and you can buy some lovely plant pots for them too. If you're somebody that works from home multiple hours a day like me, adding plants to your home office or to the room that you work from, will also benefit your mental well being too.  

6. Add some flowers - You can pick up fresh flowers in most supermarkets for under £5 and these can be an instant way to brighten up a room. Choosing tulips and daffodils in Spring is a lovely way to bring the season inside and these are usually really inexpensive flowers to choose. Artificial flowers work well too and can really add a nice pop of colour to a space that might be lacking that 'something'.

7. Hang some prints - If you've got a large blank wall, fill it with prints that represent you, your family and your home. I have quite a few posts here on my blog about how we use prints in our home if you'd like to take a look. 

I hope these tips have been useful. Happy updating! 

*Written in collaboration with Lionshome, all views and words are my own. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo


  1. I love flowers and plants they make such a difference to your home.
    I'm waiting to cut my sweetpeas for the dinning table, I love a pop of colour.

  2. Great tips, I love a good clear out and flowers always add a lovely touch.