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We love adding new touches to our home decor every now and then and recently we decided that we wanted to change up out bedroom. We finally found the bed we've been dreaming of after months and months of looking but having no luck finding 'the one'. Initially our new bed was seemingly not going to be as we couldn't fit the headboard up our winding stairs, but Adam managed to find someone who professionally cuts headboards and puts them back together for those who don't have straight stairs but that want a bed with a hefty headboard, like us. 

I'm going to share more on the new bed in a new bedroom tour blog post and video that I have planned, but I wanted to mention it as it was the reason for some of the new home accessories that we've bought lately. The new bed is an ottoman bed which means we've gained a lot of storage under the bed now, this in turn freed up more space in our bedroom which meant we were able to fill the new space with a brand new bookcase (again I'll talk more about the one we chose in my bedroom room tour coming soon), so we bought a few new bits, some of which you can see in this post, to go on our new bookcase. 

Other bits like this new artificial flower and vase are for other areas in our home. This now lives in our main bathroom and I love it, it's so pretty. It was £14 from Matalan. 

We also picked up this artificial flower and vase combo from Matalan too for £14 and we think it looks lovely on our kitchen sideboard.

This picture frame is from Matalan also and was just £5.

 One of my favourite purchases was thjis gorgeous gold plant pot, also from Matalan. It was £30 and we bought the plant inside of it seperately for £14. I think it goes really nice in the corner just to give it a little 'something'.

 And then we got a few things for our new bookcase as I said above, one of those things was this artificial IKEA plant. (Can you tell we prefer artificial? - I can't kee plants alive for the life of me!).
 We also got some black photo frames.
 As well as this little trio.

And then lastly we picked up this vase for about £3.50 and the two pink flowers for about 80p or so each. I also found this little gold tealight holder in IKEA for around £5 too which I really liked.

You can see everything here plus some other things that we bought in full over on my YouTube channel if you'd like to have a watch:

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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  1. I always struggle with the finishing touches. I have an idea in ny head of how I'd like it to look but can then never find what it is I'm looking for.