How to Survive Moving House Fast Whilst Pregnant

Moving house at any time is stressful. But, even more so when it’s time-limited and you’re pregnant. But as we all know, life doesn’t always go to plan. And, if you have to sell and move home quickly during your pregnancy (maybe for a new job or before the baby arrives)—don't panic. There are lots of companies that offer a 'we buy any house’ service who can take the pressure off you by managing the entire sale on your behalf.

So, whether you’re in the first or third trimester—here a few effective strategies to help you and your bump move calmly and happily.

Tip #1 Extra Time

Packing always takes longer than you think — double the time need when you’re pregnant. But the more rushed you are, the more stressful it becomes. 

It doesn’t help either that the process of buying and selling a property isn’t always straightforward. For instance, buyers can drop out last minute or sellers get stuck in an upward chain.

Speak to the people you’re buying from and explain you’re expecting. For instance, if you find out that your buyers are stuck in a complex chain, you can anticipate potential delays. And, if there’s a hold-up, you can organise a stop-gap. For example, find somewhere to rent or stay with family or friends between moves. This way you’ll have more control over moving dates and timescales to pack in. 

Tip #2 Ask for Help

Regardless of how far along you are in your pregnancy, you want to avoid heavy lifting and stress. Ask friends and family to help out. This can range from packing, getting rid of unwanted items, or taking younger siblings out for the day.  

To make your life easier, it would be best to ask help from removal companies or man and van services in your location. Get quotes from them and choose the most affordable and most trusted one. In the UK, there is a company called WhatStorag where you can get quotes from different companies offering house removals or man and van in Bristol, London, and other cities in the country.

So, don’t be shy—hand over the reins to others, where possible. But, if you want to stay involved, you can always supervise (from the comfort of your bouncy ball).

Tip#3 Take Time-Out for Self-Care

All pregnancies are different—you might be feeling energetic and eager to get stuck in or easily tired wanting lots of sleep. But, even if you’re not packing boxes and dragging heavy furniture around, moving can still be hard work. Only do as much as feels comfortable for you and listen to your body. Even if you feel great, take regular rest breaks as you might not feel a strain till much later. 

But, also take time-out to do nice things. For instance, go out for a walk or meet up with friends. Don’t abandon your me-time as this is essential to helping you feel calm and relaxed.

Tip #4 Pack a Moving-Day Kit

Moving house can be disorientating.  It’s hard to find things when everything is packed away—even with the best labelling. 

So, to avoid scrabbling around for your favourite pregnancy trousers or jumper, pack it into your moving day bag—you want all your essentials within easy reach.

Things to put in your moving day kit could include the following: favourite maternity clothes, medicines, phones and chargers, pregnancy books, music and other items of comfort. 

And, if your moving date is close to your due date, pack your pregnancy bag and keep it close to hand.

Tip5 # Visit Your New Neighbourhood 

When you’re pregnant, all your hormones are telling you to nest but suddenly you’re moving to (possibly) an unfamiliar environment. So, it’s natural you might feel worried. 

Why not take a trip around your new neighbourhood before moving?  For instance, find out how far the local hospital is from your new home. Or, if there are any local pregnancy and baby groups that you can join. 

But, if the idea of moving house whilst pregnant really doesn’t appeal. Companies like House Buy Fast can manage contracts and costs on your behalf. Leaving you free to move house when you want.

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