10 Ideas For Halloween Half Term On A Budget

Yesterday marked the start of half term for us and something that I always like to do is to plan out a rough idea of some things we'd like to do with the boys during the time that they have off from school. If I don't plan out some ideas I find that we all get into a bit of a spin with trying to balance working from home with taking care of two very energetic little boys. Today I thought I would share some of the ideas I've had that are quite inexpensive or free to do, in case anyone is looking for a bit of half term inspiration. :)

1. Leaf hedgehogs 
The boys and I did leaf hedgehogs last year and it's a fun, really easy way to spend an hour or so. You just need to download and print a leaf hedgehog template (you can find lots of different ones to choose from via Google images) and then you need a plastic bag to use whilst collecting leaves and a glue stick at home to stick the leaves to the hedgehog.  It's fun to get out and go hunting for nice leaves to use and then also a lot of fun to create your hedgehog back at home afterwards too!

2. Halloween spooky themed bath
I got the idea for this one from Cassie or @Mummyonabudget on Instagram and my boys absolutely loved it! I bought some glow sticks from B&M for a couple of pounds and used them in the bath along with our normal bubble bath and then decorated the bathroom with Halloween decorations we've collected over the years. I made sure to use battery operated tea lights as the boys are quite young and we also had battery operated string pumpkin lights too. I wore a witches hat and we played spooky music, the boys thought it was awesome!

halloween kids bath

3. Oreo spider cookies
This is another one that has gone down very well with my boys, but then it involves sweets and biscuits so that was always a given! ;) I got the idea from Jennifer Joy on YouTube (her video is linked below) and after seeing how easy it looked to do we gave it a go ourselves and it was so much fun and so simple! You just need oreo cookies, chocolate chips, icing tubes and sweet laces and it makes for such a fun Halloween activity and treat!

oreo spider cookies, 10 Fun Things To Do This Halloween Half Term On A Budget

4. Autumn walks - collect conkers
Autumn is such a pretty time of the year to get out for some fresh air and see nature at it's best. The leaves falling from the trees are fun to play in and you can't go wrong with a conker hunt!

5. Have a look for local Halloween half term events in your area
I always like to do a little bit of research via Google before half term hits to see what local activities or events are going on in my area. Sometimes I'll find free local events or I'll find out about event days that National Trust properties near me are having. We're National Trust members so I like to get our money's worth out of our membership.

6. Make your own Halloween decorations for the house
Another one that we like to do is do a little bit of Halloween-themed crafting. I'm not a crafty/Pinterest type Mum naturally, so we always choose simple really easy crafts to do, but they're just as fun. This year we made bats and spiders and the kids just decorated those how they wanted to. Other years I've made my own Halloween prints via PicMonkey and framed them to add to our Halloween decor.

halloween crafts with kids, 10 Fun Things To Do This Halloween Half Term On A Budget

7. Have a spooky-themed movie afternoon or night with popcorn
This year we intend to watch Hocus Pocus as it's my all-time favourite Halloween movie and I think Ethan is now at a perfect age to appreciate it. You can actually find loads of Halloween movies/tv shows via Sky at the moment if you have it as they've made a section for it which I found on their home screen. I downloaded Room On The Broom for the boys, as well as a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that is a Monster Musical. I also got some Halloween specials of their favourite shows.

8. Explore your local museum
I have quite energetic boys so when we first took the boys to our local free natural history museum I half expected it might go badly, but they absolutely loved it! What held their interest a lot was actually sitting and drawing some of the things that they were looking at. They did it for ages and it was the sweetest thing!

9. Visit a Pumpkin patch / Do some Pumpkin carving 
We visited a Pumpkin patch last year for the first time and it was a great experience that really gets you into the Halloween mood. If you don't have time to visit a pumpkin patch though you can pick up pumpkins from your local supermarket for a few pounds and have fun at home carving them.

10 Fun Things To Do This Halloween Half Term On A Budget
10 Fun Things To Do This Halloween Half Term On A Budget

10. Making Halloween cakes / decorating biscuits 
We always like to make Halloween cakes or decorate biscuits, it's something we've done every year since we've had the boys. I'm not a baker whatsoever so we usually buy the supermarket cupcakes boxes that they bring out for Halloween or for a pound or so you can usually get boxes of spooky-themed biscuits to decorate. My boys love doing this!

Those are our ideas for this Halloween half term. You may want to download a free budget template and set up some small changes to help you save for each holiday. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and I hope that you have a wonderful half term with your little ones whatever you are doing! :)

Thank you for reading.
  Alex xo 


  1. these are all brilliant activities! I love the crafts especially - the active ones that get kiddos out in nature collecting things and learning are the best xx

  2. I love the idea of a Halloween bath! My two would love this idea - so simple and cheap too!