How To Create A Photo Gallery Wall + Styling Your Home With Desenio

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to our home, specifically wall art, there's one brand we've always stayed loyal too - Desenio. Our style is very much quite Scandinavian, modern, rustic, cosy and homely and Desenio help us to achieve that. If you're not familiar with them, then they sell posters and frames that fit very much with a Scandinavian and Nordic style of interior. And in todays post, I am going to show you how we've used both their prints and their frames to style some of the rooms in our home following the renovations we've had done this year. 

The first thing I want to show you is our new photo gallery wall, these are all of my own photos (most of which you've probably seen before on this blog) and then the frames we've used are all from Desenio. We've used their frames over the years and we love them because they are great quality and we really like using their passe-partout's (the white border) inside of frames too.

 My top tips for creating your own photo gallery wall:

  • Design your photo gallery wall using Paint on Microsoft, Preview on Mac or Desenio's free photo gallery tool, so that you can get an idea of exactly how you'd like it to look. 
  • Get an idea of the size of the frames that you will need to suit the size of your wall. 
  • Decide on the layout - do you want it to be symmetrical or mis-matched in opposite directions? 
  • Take a look on Pinterest or Google Images for photo gallery wall inspiration. You can also find lots of inspiration for creating a gallery wall here on Desenio's own website. 
  • If you're designing your photo gallery wall on Paint or Preview, once you're happy with the layout, you can copy, paste and re-size your photos onto your design to get a better idea of what you're finished gallery wall will look like. This also allows you to see which photos work best together and how many portrait and landscape photo's you will need. 
  • When putting your photo gallery wall up on the wall, start with the frame closest to the centre and work your way out. We left a 2cm gap between our frames. 

Another way to style your home easily and inexpensively is to add some wall art in the form of posters/prints in a frame. Again, we've used Desneio for this throughout our home because we simply can't get enough of their prints. We have a bit of a forest theme going on in our home, which really works for us and the framed poster above is our newest addition. We wanted something that would be perfect for our new kitchen/dining space and we feel this is it. It's such a calming and reflective print. This print is the Lake Reflective poster and we've got it in size 50x70.

For Logan's new bedroom we were looking for something to fill a large amount of wall space and when I spotted this World Map Animals poster that we could get in the size 70x100cm, I just knew it would be perfect and it really is! It matches his ages and his decor perfectly and as a family of big animal-lovers as well as travel, it is a perfect match!

Another print we have just added to Logan's room is this framed Batman poster that says, 'Always be yourself unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman'. I love this so much as I didn't want the room to feel too grown up as he's still only 3, but I also didn't want it to feel like a nursery - I think this print helps us to achieve a nice in-between. 

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Thank you so much for reading. 
Alex xo 


  1. I love your choice of prints and the styling tips are so helpful! We have a gallery wall from Desenio in my daughter's bedroom and it makes such an impact. Their range of prints is seriously impressive :)

  2. I love your gallery wall, it's beautiful. I absolutely struggle knowing where to place and arrange artwork around the house. Love the Desenio prints too, they're fab!

  3. I love this style of frames. My walls are quite plain I would love to spend some time focusing on photos for our walls.

  4. I love your photo gallery wall, it looks really great and a modern way of displaying photos. The world map animal poster is a lovely addition to your decor too

  5. I have heard so many great things about this company. I love your photo wall. Kaz

  6. Having a photo gallery on the wall is a great way of sharing your special memories. They look wonderful.
    The Batman picture is brilliant, love the caption. Just perfect.

  7. This is really awesome. I have been thinking about this recently. I want to plan and create a photo collage/wall for our family at some point soon. Sylvia has grown and I had new pictures to use. It will be great when I finally do it and I'll share it on my own blog :)

  8. OMG I’ve wanted to do this in my bedroom for ages! With the discount, I’ve got no excuse to buy these and get started!

  9. Im in the process of looking for some prints and another tip I have noticed is the thin profile frames really make the photographs look better. Most of the time I have seen the clunky wood frames that never look good. Really lovely photos btw x