My Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Sleeping Well

If you're a parent then you'll know that getting a good night's sleep isn't always a luxury awarded to parents of younger children. How often our little ones wake up during the night isn't always something within our control. But whilst we can't always guarantee a full night sleep, we can do other things to help our mind feel at it's calmest to help us switch off at night to allow for a good nights sleep. 

Creating a bedroom style that reflects calm by doing a few simple things is something that we can all do and today I am collaborating with the House Of Fraser homeware department to share my own tips on how I create the best ambience in our own bedroom loft conversion to help us to achieve a better nights sleep (when we're lucky enough to be able to sleep through that is). ;) 

1. The first thing is the most simple - change the bedding. Can you really beat climbing into fresh bed sheets after a long busy day? There's no better feeling is there?! Somehow a simple change of bedding just makes bedtime that much more relaxing. If you could do with a new bedding set, then go ahead and treat yourself. Our bedding set shown in the photos is the House of Fraser Columbus Quilt Duvet Cover and I personally love how fresh white bedding looks. This particular bedding set feels really soft and so super luxurious, it honestly makes getting into bed feel like climbing into a cloud. 

2. Update your decorative pillows. So you may not sleep on your decorative bed pillows, but I personally love making the bed look really nice each morning and looking forward to getting into my nicely made bed - it always makes it feel so much more inviting and makes the room as a whole looks so much clearer and tidy. I love our brand new Sanderson Manderley cushions as they add a touch of luxury to our bedding. We also have the Jaipur cushions which sit behind them to push the top cushions out a bit further and make the bed look even comfier. They're the perfect mix of modern and homely. 

3. Add a throw. Adding a lovely throw to the end of your bed is not only visually stylish but practical too for the cooler Autumn and Winter nights. If you wanted to, I'd suggest trying to match your decorative cushions and bed throw together as it well help your overall bed-style to flow more. Adding a throw works particularly well if you opt for white bedding like we have, as it helps break up the white and add a small touch of colour and style. 

4. Keep your bedside tables minimal. Keep only what you need on your bedside tables or choose to add things that make you feel relaxed such as a favourite ornament or a candle. I keep a couple of books next to my bed, my lamp, a photo frame of Adam and I from our wedding, a coaster for my water/tea in the evening, a Buddha tea light ornament and a second house phone. I try not to keep anything else on it so that it feels minimal and clean. A clear surface is a clear mind, or so I like to think. 

5.  Design a space you love. If you've been meaning to give your bedroom space a bit of a refresh then surely now is the time. All of the above suggestions are inexpensive things that you can do to make your bedroom space feel more 'you' and help you to feel able to get the best night's sleep possible. Another thing you could do is to give your room a lick of new paint. We have a Dulux paint called grey steel on the walls that we love as it's an off-white so feels really light, airy and fresh. Another way to create that feeling is to add mirrors, we have several in our bedroom and they really help to open up the room and add light. We call our bedroom our sanctuary and we really do feel really relaxed in there when it comes to going to sleep at night and just chilling out in there in the evening time. 

*We've partnered with House Of Fraser for this post, but all words are as always our own. Check out the House of Fraser bedroom range to discover products similar to mine. 

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo 


  1. Lovely ideas. I want to change all my bedding to white with accents of cushions and throws as I think it will look more relaxing.

  2. I am always trying to keep my bedside table minimal but it always ends up with loads of things on it x

  3. Your bed looks gorgeous! I try to change the bedding once a week, I do love that feeling of getting into your bed and enjoying that crispness of clean linen.

  4. We have just finished desigining our bedroom. Deffo bedside small storage is working for us x

  5. That bedding is lovely, I try and mix ours up so we have a change from summer to winter. My bedroom isn't really a haven though as we keep all the washing it in