Tips to Lengthen Your Dog's Life

Owning a dog is a great way to add meaning and joy to your life. And, if you love your dog, there's a good chance that you want him to be around for as long as possible. It's only natural that you want to lengthen the life of your beloved furry friend, and to do so you will need to learn more about some key health tips. The following tips can help ensure that your dog is healthy and happy, and that he is by your side for many years to come.

See the Vet Regularly
The vet isn't just there for when your dog gets sick. The vet is also a great resource for preventative care, and to catch any developing health problems so you can fix them as soon as they appear. Make sure you take your pet to the vet at least once annually for a checkup for younger dogs, and more than that for senior dogs. When dogs get older, vets can help catch health problems that could be deadly; vets can also help improve the quality of your dog's life by giving him medication like Carprofen, which can ease arthritis pain and make it easier to move. Go here to check out an affordable option on Carprofen, or any other medication your vet may prescribe.
Don't Forget Dental Health
Dog's teeth don't just look bad if you neglect them. They can also collect bacteria that can cause gum disease and tooth loss; this bacteria can even end up getting into the blood stream. Try brushing your dog's teeth regularly at home, and take him into the vet once a year for a professional cleaning. By paying attention to your dog's teeth, you can ensure your pet avoids oral diseases that can spread to his organs.
Feed Him Good Food
Don't just feed your dog the first dog food you see on the shelf. Do some research about what your dog can and can't (and should and shouldn't) eat. Then, choose a high-quality dog food for your pet. Remember that the food you feed your dog affects his digestive and internal health. It can also affect his weight; keeping your dog at a healthy weight is a good way to lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease and joint problems.
Keep an Eye on Your Dog
Dogs love to roam free. However, a dog can wind up in danger if you let him run free in a place where he could be captured, hurt or lost. Keep your dog on a leash when you walk him, and let him run free only in a place that you know he won't run off -- like a fenced-in dog park. By making sure you know where your dog is and that the area is a safe place for him to be in, you can help ensure that his life won't be cut short by an avoidable accident.
If you love your dog and want him by your side for as long as possible, make sure you pay special attention to his health and well-being. The above tips are just some of the ways you can help keep your dog safe and in great health. By keeping these important and easy life-lengthening tips in mind, you can ensure that you afford a high quality of life to your dog -- and the family who loves him -- for years to come.


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